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MCA&F Blog

Jul 15, 2015 | Space-A Travel
Also read: Way Up North to Alaska (Part 1) Way Up North to Alaska (Part 2) Watching hundreds of seals and sea lions cavort at Fisherman's Wharf. (Ed Note: A great perk for military retired folk is being able to fly on military aircraft. This series highlights trips all over the world thanks to...

The Gazette Blog

Aug 25, 2015 | Gen Gray
Others follow you for what you are, because they believe in you and what you do. You look in a mirror to see how you look. You look in the faces of others to know what you are. Earlier this year, the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies published a great compilation of leadership thoughts and...

Marine Corps History

Today in History

September 3


Eagle, Globe, and Anchor1926 - Marines served at Shanghai, China, and aboard ship during the Yangtze Service Campaign, 3 Sept 1926 - 21 Oct 1927.
Related Article: Marines As An Aid To Diplomacy In China By Capt Evan F. Carlson Marine Corps Gazette (Feb 1936)



This Month in History

Watch a news reel of the surrender ceremony on board the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay on September 2, 1945.