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Without a significant investment in new armor vehicles, the Marine Corps’ current generation vehicle set will be outclassed by the year 2050. The Marine Corps needs to develop new vehicles to counter contemporary armor threats from our adversaries. Our peer competitors are investing in unique and...
I am now thoroughly convinced there is something deeply wrong with the part of the Marine Corps occupying the I-95 corridor leading to the Pentagon. What has become painfully apparent to me is the drastic difference between the mindset of the Operating Forces and the Supporting Establishment. While...
T he Spartan helmet, shield, sword, spear, greaves, and breast plate are no longer hanging on the CO’s conference room wall. Different pieces of the Spartan gear are now kept at the company offices and displayed front and center on “gear trees” during formations. The right to display the gear is...

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February 22


1943 - The 3d Raider Battalion consolidated positions on Pavuvu Island.
1944 - 22d Marines landed on Parry Island, Eniwetok Atoll.
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Sep 7, 2016 | Leadership
There is an almost endless discussion today regarding innovation. Countless books provide blueprints for organizations to innovate, to routinely turn ideas into increased value and profits. This discussion is mirrored in the Marine Corps and across the greater Department of Defense. But one must...