Call to Action: Advantage at Sea

by Col Christopher Woodbridge, USMC (Ret.)

In a historic first, the nation’s three military seafaring forces have developed a coherent, collaborative strategy to meet the challenges facing the United States as a global sea power in the 21st century.  What will this approach mean for the Marine Corps and how does the effort to redesign and modernize the Corps for the new era of great power competition support this maritime strategy?  The current National Defense Strategy characterizes the PRC as an adversary.  If this changes either to a “threat” or to a “competitor” in a future NDS, what is the impact on this new maritime strategy and the force design efforts of the services?  Does this strategy go far enough in recognizing the relationships among the maritime domain and the other “global commons:” space, the information environment and cyberspace?

Read the Tri-Service Strategy here.