Scuttlebutt Ep 90: Modern Day Marine Day 2 – Being a student of leadership with CMDR Becky Calder, USN (Ret)

Hey, Scuttlebutt listeners. This week we are recording from the floor of Modern Day Marine so that we can bring you the events and personnel of this outstanding convention as it’s going on. It’s not too often that you get to meet someone who truly excels. This is not to say that we don’t know exceptional people. We all do. Especially those who have worn the uniform. But there is another level. There are outliers. Those who just see something, set a goal, and set out to achieve it without compromise, and by definition, are not run of the mill. So it was such an honor for us to spend time with CMDR Becky Calder. Becky is a former USNA basketball player, F-18 pilot, and the first female pilot to graduate Top Gun. She shares her experience as someone who has had their number retired and taken a ride through the Danger Zone. This was a true pleasure to spend some time with her.

If you’re at Modern Day Marine, please come see us. We’re over by OBJ 1 (the wargaming center), Aisle 2600 and we would love to thank you face-to-face for supporting our show.