Scuttlebutt Ep 88: Modern Day Marine Day 2 – Nevada Automotive Test Center with LtCol Mark Brown, USMC (Ret)

Hey, Scuttlebutt listeners. This week we are recording from the floor of Modern Day Marine so that we can bring you the events and personnel of this outstanding convention as it’s going on. One of the things to love about MDM is that you get to run into some really amazing people you haven’t seen in years. Well, we ran into one of those amazing people, and we made him come on the show. Mark Brown now works at the Nevada Automotive Test Center helping them test and verify vehicles capabilities for both the DOD and the civilian industries. We spent some time talking about his fascinating experiences as an infantry officer, requirements developer, and now jack-of-all-trades in the Nevada high desert. He’s just got a ton of life experience and it was really great that he was willing to share some of them with us.

If you’re at Modern Day Marine, please come see us. We’re over by OBJ 1 (the wargaming center), Aisle 2600 and we would love to thank you face-to-face for supporting our show.