Scuttlebutt 3: Miles Vining

Miles Vining is a jack-of-all trades who enlisted into the Marines and served with The Walking Dead in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. His book, Into Helmand with the Walking Dead is a must read for anyone seeking the ground-level experience of a Marine in Afghanistan. You can read an excerpt from Leatherneck Magazine here.

Serving in Afghanistan has instilled a deep connection to the region, which Miles continues to explore in his project “Silah Report” (Pronouced seh-lah, not sye-law …Nick) which explores the weapons and defense industries of the Middle East, past and present. Miles also supports the Free Burma Rangers, a humanitarian service focused on the war-torn regions of Burma, Iraq and Sudan.

Nick and Vic also welcome in William Treuting, a Gazette editor, historian, and all-around smart guy and we touch on Bill Lind and the birth of the Maneuver Warfare movement.

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