Scuttlebutt 24: Marinus’ Maneuverist Paper #19

Nick, Vic, and Will dig into Maneuver Warfare and bring everyone up to speed on a long-running segment in The Gazette “Maneuverist Papers” by Marinus. For eighteen months Marinus has been exploring and establishing what Maneuver Warfare is and what it means, lulling the Gazette staff and readers into a sense of ease and familiarity with the series. Now, in a watershed moment, Marinus has challenged MCDP-1 and Expeditionary Advanced Base Operations coexistence and we are here to try and unpack. We’ll do what we can to get everyone on the same page and then take Maneuverist Paper #19 head on.

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Produced by Nick Wilson, Vic Ruble, William Treuting, and Nancy Lichtman.