Enemy Strongpoint or Friendly Gap?

The Situation

You are the commanding officer of the 3d Battalion, 5th Marines (three rifle companies) reinforced with two platoons of tanks and a combat engineer platoon. You have been in reserve during the initial stages of a deliberate attack by 5th Marines. After overcoming several enemy elements in hasty defensive positions, the regiment encountered a well-developed fortified area, the commanding officer of the 5th Marines gives your battalion the mission of attacking this strongpoint and securing it (creating a gap) so that follow-on mechanized forces can continue the attack against lucrative targets in the enemy rear. In addition to your organic and attached units, you have close air support and artillery fires available to you.

Working through intelligence channels up to the MEF level, your S-2 obtained the attached sketch of the enemy position and determined that the area is held by a unit organized along the lines of a Soviet motorized rifle company but estimated to be at about 75 percent strength. Some of the positions shown on the sketch have not been completed, and some are dummy and alternate positions. In general the enemy bunkers and vehicles are well camouflaged. Observation/listening posts, minefields, and antiarmor ambushes have been detected forward of the position.

The Requirement

Your unit is presently located several hundred meters south of the area shown on the sketch. Develop the plan you will use to carry out your orders and attack the strongpoint area. Describe how you intend to organize your assets and the sequencing of your attack. Send your solution without delay to the Marine Corps Gazette, care of Tactical Decision Game #90-8, P. O. Box 1775, Quantico, VA 22134. The Gazette's TDG Board will select several solutions for publication in the December issue.