Maneuver Warfare Board at Lejeune

The 2d Marine Division recently established a Maneuver Warfare Board as a focal point for the tactical ideas now being emphasized throughout the division. MajGen A. M. Gray, commanding general, appointed approximately 15 officers-primarily company and junior field-grade-to the board, which is headed by LtCol Shawn W. Leach, commanding officer of 2d Reconnaissance Battalion. Gen Gray and the commanding generals of the 2d Marine Aircraft Wing and 2d Force Service Support Group-MajGen K. A. Smith and BGen R. E. Moss, respectively-form the steering committee that oversees the activity.

The board will take the lead in collecting, receiving, and disseminating theoretical and practical information regarding maneuver warfare. Its purpose is to improve upon the understanding of maneuver warfare concepts and encourage their refinement and test in field exercises.

Specific board duties assigned:

  • Publish a reading list of books that provide the historical and theoretical basis for modern maneuver warfare thought.
  • Distribute current articles dealing with maneuver warfare concepts and techniques.
  • Publish terminology associated with maneuver warfare theory.
  • Develop and present a series of lectures and seminars about maneuver warfare.
  • Develop a maneuver warfare training guide.
  • Publish a periodic newsletter to disseminate information on maneuver warfare theory and training.

Mr. William S. Lind-legislative assistant to Senator Gary Hart (D-Colo.), military analyst and frequent contributor to the GAZETTE and other periodicals-visited Camp Lejeune 16-21 August to observe training and discuss maneuver warfare concepts with the officers of all major commands within the division.

Among the background readings first recommended by the board were the following GAZETTE articles:

  • Oct79: Capt S. W. Miller, Winning through maneuver, Part I-Countering the offensive.
  • Dec79: Capt S. W. Miller, Winning through maneuver, Conclusion-Countering the defense.
  • Mar80: William S. Lind, Defining maneuver warfare for the Marine Corps.
  • Sep80 Maj William C. Fite, Some lessons from the Israelis.
  • Apr81: Capt G. I. Wilson, The Maneuver Warfare Concept.

Lind’s latest GAZETTE article, Tactics in Maneuver Warfare, appeared in the Sep81 GAZETTE.