LtCol Charles Neimeyer, USMC(Ret)

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During the American Revolution, Continental Marines aboard the American frigate, Alfred, led by the future first Commandant, Captain Samuel Nicholas, won some renown in 1776 for their attempt to seize a store of royal gunpowder at New Providence, Bahamas.
The Fire Brigade Remembered FORGOTTEN WARRIORS: The 1st Provisional Marine Brigade, The Corps' Ethos, and the Korean War. By TX. Hammes. University of Kansas Press, Lawrence, KS, 2010 ISBN 9780700617326, 280 pp. $36.95 (Member $33.25)
Eyewitness to Iwo THE LIONS OF IWO JIMA: The Story of Combat Team 28 and the Bloodiest Battle in Marine Corps History. By MajGen Fred E. Haynes, USMC(Ret) and James A. Warren. Henry Holt and Company, New York, 2008 ISBN 8005083251,288 pp. $26.00 (Member $23.40) reviewed by Charles Neimeyer