Anthony F. “Andy” Weddington

Col Andy Wedding ton, USMC (Ret) served as an infantry officer.

An accomplished well-known artist, he paints, teaches “seeing” and painting, writes and occasionally stalks trout with his fy rod. In 2007, he published two books: “On ‘Seeing’ & Painting—An Interdisciplinary Perspective” (a primer for artists and non-artists alike) and “Making Marines” (a sketchbook—line and word—about recruit training).

Gallery (art and books): http://weddington He blogs at

Articles by this Author

Stephen R. Covey’s excellent best-seller, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” has become a cottage industry and a must-read for people-managing. Marines also have habits, and a few more than seven (captured in principles and traits of leadership) that make them effective. Management guru...