Overview of Marine Corps Gazette FAQs

  1. How do I go about getting back issues of the Marine Corps Gazette?

    The last 10 years of back issues are available through the Marine Corps Gazette editorial office. You may request back issues by mail at Marine Corps Gazette, Box 1775, Quantico, VA 22134; by e-mail at gazette(at)mca-marines.org; or by telephone at 703–640–6161, ext. 144. 


  2. How do I obtain a copy of a past article?

    Articles from our start in 1916 to the present are available through our archive service free to members. (Click on Archives in the menu at the top.)


  3. Is there an electronic search engine available for past articles?

    An electronic search engine is available for articles from our very first in 1916 to the present through our archive service. (Click on Archives in the menu at the top.) We also publish an index (both by subject and author) in each December's issue of all articles published in that year. Xerox copies of indexes are available for a charge of $10.00 per year. The 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005 annual indexes are available on our web site. Click on Web Extras in the menu at the top, then click on Annual Indexes. The best way to locate an article is by author’s name in the author index.


  4. How do I pay for past issues or Xerox copies of articles?

    You may pay by check made payable to Marine Corps Association and mailed to our address. If you prefer, you may pay by credit card. It would be best to call us with your credit card information at 703–640–6161, ext. 144.


  5. How do I submit an article by e-mail?

    You may e-mail your article to us at the following address: gazette(at)mca-marines.org. Your submission should be double spaced and sent as an attachment to your e-mail in either Microsoft Word or text format. Photographs should be attached as TIFF or JPG files. In your e-mail be sure to include your complete mailing address (preferably home) and telephone numbers (both work and home).


  6. How will I know that you've received my article?

    You will receive either an e-mail or letter informing you of the status of your article after your submission has been reviewed by our editor. We receive numerous submissions daily; please allow sufficient time for your submission to be processed and reviewed. You will hear from us; a response is sent to the author of every submission we receive, but it often takes several days for us to read and evaluate articles.


  7. When should I expect my article to be published after being notified of its acceptance?

    Some material is time sensitive; some articles relate to previously published material, and this may delay or accelerate publication. There is no certainty about publication scheduling.


  8. Does the Marine Corps Gazette pay for articles that are published?

    Generally, no. Some authors are occasionally commissioned to write particular articles for compensation at the request of the editor. But, for the most part, we do not pay authors for their articles.


  9. How do I subscribe to the Marine Corps Gazette?

    Click here to subscribe now. You may also reach our circulation department by e-mail at mca(at)mca-marines.org or by telephone at 800–336–0291, ext. 137.


  10. Is the Marine Corps Gazette available for purchase at newsstands or bookstores?

    The Marine Corps Gazette is available at Marine Corps exchanges; at the commissaries at Quantico, Camp Lejeune, and Camp Pendleton; and by subscription. Copies are also carried by major libraries.

  11. How can my company advertise in the Marine Corps Gazette?

    Check out our advertising page. If you still have a question about advertising, please contact our senior editor, Kerry Knowles, at 800–336–0291, ext. 109.

     If you still have a question that has not been addressed here, contact us.