December 1918

The Marines

Volume 3, Issue 4

"Pardon! He has no Engleesh, heem,

Il ne parle que Francais,

I spik it leetle some, Monsieur,

Vaire bad, j'en suis fache

Marines? Mais oui! I fight wiz zem

At Cheteau-Thierry

An' on ze Ourcq an' Marne in grand

Bon camaraderie.

I see zem fight at Bois Belleau,

Like sauvage make ze yell

Sacre nom de Dieu! Zose sailor man

Eez fightin' like ze hell!

All time zey smile when make ze push,

Magnifique zaire elan,

Zey show ze heart of lion

For delight our brav Frenchman.

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