November 1934

War a La Carte*

Volume 19, Issue 0

Thirty-five years ago Mr. Dooley remarked: "Th' pa-apers says th' rapid fire gun'll make war in th' future impossible. I don't think that, but I know th' expert will. . . . All this talk about th' rapid fire gun an' modhren methods iv warfare makes me wondher. They'se not so much diff'rence between war now an' whin I was a kid. as they let on. . . . A pile iv mud is a pile iv mud now just th' same as it was whin Gin'ral Grant was pokin' ar-around. . . . Mos' men, sthrongest backs, best eyes an' th' ownership iv th' mud piles. That's war. Hinnissy. Th' British have th' men.

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Chester Llyod Jones

Donald G Oglesby