PEACE CORD: Wear Peace Proudly

In Afghanistan, jobs are a vital link to empowerment and improved quality of life. Peace Cord, an exciting new venture of ARZU STUDIO HOPE and Spirit of America initiated in Q4 2010, has already created 150 new jobs for Afghan women in Dragon Valley, B...

Last June, Connie Duckworth, Founder and CEO of ARZU STUDIO HOPE, was invited to Helmand Province as the guest of Major General Richard P. Mills, commander of the Marine Expeditionary Force in Afghanistan. General Mills asked her to advise him and his senior staff on employment opportunities for Afghan women. ARZU ( ), a 501(c)(3)non-profit organization that has operated exclusively in rural Afghanistan for the past seven years, provides Afghan women opportunities for jobs, education and healthcare.

ARZU, in partnership with Spirit of America, is proud to introduce Peace Cord ( ), a hand-woven bracelet made from military grade parachute cord and authentic uniform buttons, which resulted from Connie’s visit with General Mills. Spirit of America ( ), a like-minded non-profit with a long history of providing humanitarian aid to local people via our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, currently has two of its team working with the Marines in Helmand Province.

All proceeds from Peace Cord sales will support grassroots humanitarian efforts in Afghanistan, those chosen by our troops and funded by Spirit of America, as well as ARZU programs that educate Afghan women and children, provide access to doctors and midwives, and create jobs in areas where little opportunity exists.

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