Don't Miss the Marine Executive Association's Spring Networking Events

The Marine Executive Association is inviting active, retired, reserve and veteran Marines (officer and enlisted), Navy Corpsmen and RPs and their spouses along with Marine-friendly employers to join us for our annual spring social and networking events.

These events are used for networking as well as camaraderie and esprit de corps. There is no cost to Marines or employers to participate in one or all of these events.

All Marines (officer, enlisted, active, reserve, retired, veteran) Navy Corpsmen and RPs and their spouses in transition or who may be transitioning in the next 12 months are encouraged to attend and bring resumes. They should also RSVP and post their resume on the MEA website.

Employers and recruiters who wish to support the MEA are encouraged to attend. They should also RSVP and post any employment opportunities on the MEA website. There is no cost to attend, to hire or network during these events. Employers are encouraged to bring any materials such as brochures, corporate info, etc. to be made available to prospective hires.

We cannot guarantee a dedicated table for every recruiter but space will be available for such materials.

The venues allow on-the-spot interviews and other networking in a relaxed atmosphere. Our last events have hosted 30-70 Marines at each venue and have all been well received by Marines and employers alike.

Please dress appropriately. Suit and tie is not required, but slacks and collared shirts are appropriate.

Hors d'oeuvres and a cash bar will be available.

* There is no relationship, endorsement or partnership for, with or by the Navy League for this event.

** Please note you do not need a military ID to attend but your license will be scanned at gate by MPs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I've heard the MEA is for officers only. Is this true?

A: NO. We support enlisted, officers and warrant officers equally.

Q: Do I have to be an MEA member to attend these events?

A: NO. But the MEA membership dues pay for these events. Your support is appreciated.

Q: Is there a fee to attend as an active duty, retired or reserve Marine or spouse?

A: NO.

Q: Is there a fee to attend as a veteran/former Marine or spouse?

A: NO.

Q: I am not a Marine but I am a Marine-friendly company/employer. Can I attend?


Q: I am interested in hiring Marines. Can I attend?


Q: Is there a fee to attend as an employer, headhunter or recruiter?

A: NO. However, you can market on the MEA website through the MEA Advertising Program.

Q: I'd like to share a ride to/from Quantico/Arlington/Pendleton to/from Pentagon/Quantico/NoVa/San

Diego. Is there a car pool?

A: YES. We are working with MEA members to coordinate all pools to attend these events. If

you can spare a ride or need a ride, stick your thumb out to

Q: Should I RSVP?

A: YES. email or

Q: I have more questions. Where can I get the answers?

A: From the website or email