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Happy Birthday Marines! Thank you for your service, sacrifices and contribution to our Nation. I hope all of you will take some time to reach out to fellow Marines and celebrate the birthday of our Corps. If you have not seen the Commandant’s annual birthday message, click HERE to read it and click HERE to see a birthday video featuring both the Commandant and the Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps celebrating Marines and the Corps.

You may have noticed that we changed our logo to the Marine Corps Association & Foundation. Since the Marine Corps Association Foundation was established two years ago as our charitable entity there has been some confusion with having two separate organizations with two distinct logos and different but related purposes. Moving forward, we are now the “Marine Corps Association & Foundation,” a singular organization with a common purpose of advancing leadership and recognizing excellence. Pictured here is our new, merged logo. Our new logo comes with a new mission statement as well:

“To be the preeminent association and foundation for ALL Marines and friends of the Corps dedicated   to development and recognition of professional excellence and expanding awareness of the rich traditions, history, and esprit of the United States Marine Corps.”

The blending of these two organizations provides a simpler understanding of our mission and opens our membership appeal to the many “Friends of the Corps”. In 2012 we will work to expand our membership rolls by encouraging the many friends of the Corps… the Moms, Dads, other family members of Marines and those who support our Marines to join and learn more about the United States Marine Corps and the programs we provide supporting the professional development of Marines. I ask that you spread the word to the many friends of the Corps that you know!

Along with the move to define ourselves as a singular focused organization, we have decided to move to a single membership price for the future. We believe the simplicity of establishing a uniform price for all members will have broad appeal. We are in the process of formulating our new membership price that will take effect in early 2012 and will get the word out on that shortly. 

MCA&F Events:
On 18 October we hosted the Fall Marine Corps Combat Development Command Professional Dinner at the Clubs of Quantico with the Honorable Sean J. Stackley, Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development & Acquisition as our guest speaker. The Assistant Secretary’s comments were very insightful and we thank him for taking time out of his very his busy schedule to join us for dinner. Thanks as well to LtGen Mills for continuing the tradition of the Combat Development Professional Dinners. Click HERE to view a summary of his remarks with additional pictures and to see a video of the event.

Coming up we will co-host the Winter 2011 MCA Ground Dinner with LtGen Rick Tryon, Deputy Commandant Plans, Policies and Operations, HQMC on 18 December in Arlington Va. We are honored to have General James F. Amos, Commandant of the Marine Corps, as the featured speaker. Click HERE for additional information, registration and our current professional event schedule. MCA professional events are enjoyable opportunities for social interaction and camaraderie with Marines and a superb means of staying informed on the crucial issues affecting the Corps and national security.  I encourage all members and readers to visit our professional event schedule HERE on a regular basis and to attend all the events your schedule allows. Members of MCA&F receive reduced pricing on these events. Pic of Gen Amos Speaking at previous MCA event

MCA&F 2011 Programs Update:
Commanders’ Professional Library Program  - 202 professional libraries delivered.
Marine Excellence Awards Program -  8,200 Marines recognized for professional and academic achievement
Commanders’ Forum Program -  17 PME and Battle Study opportunities supported.

Click HERE for more information on these programs and how we help support Marines.

If you have not yet contributed to Combined Federal Campaign, we encourage you to include us. Our CFC Donor Code is 19821.

Thank you very much for your membership and support.  As always, please let me hear from you. You can do that by emailing MCA at

All the Best & Semper Fidelis,

Edward G. Usher, III
Major General, USMC (Ret)
President and Chief Executive Officer


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  • The MARINE Shop Book Signings. MCA was fortunate to host a book signing and meet the author event during October:

    On 21 October, The MARINE Shop at Quantico hosted retired Marine LtCol Dan Pantaleo, author of Four Days at the Pentagon: The Account of One Marine’s Service at The Pentagon 9/11/01 – 9/14/01.

  • MCA Area Rep Corner. On 19 October, MCA & F Quantico Area Representative SgtMaj Kevin Bennett, USMC (Ret) presented the Association’s Mission Brief to the E-8 Seminar followed by a social hour at the Clubs at Quantico.  Here are some pictures of the event:

  • Word of the Month.
    “Twitteracy.”  Derived from the new social media system “Twitter” combined with “Literacy” meaning able to read.  In this case, the word “Twitteracy” refers to competence with “Tweeting” on Twitter. Good news!  You can develop your twitteracy with us!  Click HERE to join us on Twitter.

    “Denunciant” Refers to someone who has been denounced.  Used most effectively with politicians.

  • Website of the Month. Oriented primarily towards the Navy, the site has lots of pictures of USMC equipment, unit patches and more.  Contains a book section with a variety of “must read” books for Marines – many of which are published or carried by  Check it out.

  • Hot Video of the Month.  “Switchblade” drone demo. “They can run, but they will only die tired.” We solidly endorse the concept!

  • USMC Cloning Program.  New USMC program reduces recruiting expenses by cloning select Marines. Are YOU eligible for the cloning bonus? Read MORE...

Q. Born in North Carolina but grew up in Harlem until drafted in 1951 to serve in the Marines during the Korean War where he worked in a photography unit due to prior experience with photography. Discharged as a Corporal he attended college classes in Wash DC and then earned degrees in economics at Harvard, Columbia and the University of Chicago. An award winning writer he has authored more than 30 books on economics and social theory and is renowned for the power, simplicity and clarity of his writing style. Who is this Marine Veteran?


How to Win.  Send your answers to and please include your name and address so we can send your prize. We will hold a drawing of all CORRECT responses one week from the Member Update release date and then announce the winner in the next edition of the Update.

The Prize! In addition to our brand new Marine Corps Association, “Once a Marine – ALWAYS a Marine” Coin, we are now including a copy of one of the late Major Gene Duncan’s Books as a bonus.

Here’s our trivia question from last month:

Question: With an outer covering of cured, bovine epidermal material, these sturdy, high-quarter, pedestrial, propulsion enhancements came to be known by a pejorative but affectionate term referring to out of the way and far removed places of a bucolic nature.  What is my nickname and what am I?

Answer: “Boondockers” is the nickname for the Marine field shoes of the late 40’s to early 50’s.  Thanks to Don Perkins for advising that his 1950’s era NAVMC-604 form listed them as “Shoes, field, pr.” but that civilians referred to them as “reversed cowhide high-quarter shoes with corded rubber soles.”  Thanks also to Dennis J. Sullivan, a Marine Sgt during the 1950-54 period.  He advises that Marines were issued two pairs in boot camp and expected to wear down the heels EVERY week while at Parris Island.  GySgt Michael T. Gerdau, USMC (Ret) related that an old 1stSgt of his called them “Roughouts.”  Thanks for the input Marines!

Congratulations to Stephen Niebur of Osceola, Iowa for winning last month’s contest!

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Marine Corps Gazette
The November Gazette is a treasure trove of history of past battles and reminiscences.   It also publishes this year's Schulze Memorial Essay. The author of this year's essay, Col R.K. Dobson (Ret) sounds a call for fresh thinking as we approach a tidal wave of budget cuts. In addition, Lt Gen Robert Neller tells the "Young Turks" we (the leadership of the Corps) get your complaints and are listening. There are articles on COIN, aviation, reconnaissance and more. Enjoy this birthday issue of the Gazette.

It's a great month to be a Marine--Happy Birthday from all the Leatherneck staff and--we encourage you to pause on 11 Nov to honor all veterans.

By now, you've seen your Birthday issue of Leatherneck and enjoyed the Commandant's Birthday greetings and his exclusive interview recapping his first year as Commandant and providing some insight into the way ahead in these difficult economic times. For this Nov. issue, we note with appreciation the support of the Manpower Management Division in preparing the special insert on the "Senior Leaders of our Corps-2012" and hope you find it of use as a "pullout" for the year ahead.

In the November issue, we published the conclusion of MGySgt Ron Keene's two-part article on Saipan and Tinian--that was very well received, as was part one of Dick Camp's two-part article on Operation Steel Curtain. If you have not gone to the digital edition of Leatherneck to read Dick's November article, go do it. We've added audio, more photos and some artwork by then-GySgt Mike Fay, a combat artist attached to the Marine Corps History Division, who fought alongside the Marines of Co F, 2/1, during Steel Curtain in 2005. The conclusion of this article is in the December issue, and our digital edition will again include links to added content, thanks to now-retired CWO-2 Mike Fay and Dick Camp.

Also, in the December issue, look for a 70th anniversary article on the beginning of WW II by noted historian Eric Hammel; a special Corps Album on the Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center from 1960/61, courtesy of Major Anthony Milavic, USMC (Ret); tributes to Spirit of America, the Warriors & Quiet Waters Foundation, the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation; and even more.

This Month in Marine Corps History


23 Oct 1983        
The Beirut barracks bombing. 218 Marines from 1stBn/8th Marines along with a number of US Navy and Army as well as French soldiers were killed when a pair of trucks filled with explosives crashed  blew up buildings used for billeting by Marines and French soldiers. Why did it happen?  Who did it?  What was the aftermath?  Get the details on this tragedy for Marines here:

24 Oct 1955
After joining the Marine Corps in 1918, Lewis Burwell “Chesty” Puller, participant in many Banana War, World War II and Korean War skirmishes and recipient of 5 Navy Crosses retired an icon of the Corps and as a LtGen after a venerable and action filled 37 years.  Read about this remarkable leader here:



MCA&F hosts professional dinners, awards dinners, professional lunches, book signings and more. See what is on our professional events schedule at Click on the link for details and event registration.


Visit our website at to check out the programs we utilize to support the professional development and professional recognition of Marines.

Here is a brief snapshot of our various program milestones in support of Marines. Thanks to your regular involvement in the Marine Corps Association Foundation, the Commanders’ Professional Library Program continues to develop. To date, the Foundation has provided grants to 202 units worldwide to establish professional libraries.

This year, the Foundation’s Marine Excellence Awards Program has recognized over 8200 Marines with awards ranging from trophies, plaques, K-Bars, dress blues, swords, and certificates.

MCA&F’s generous donors have provided the Commanders’ Forum Program with travel expenses for The Basic School staff to attend a PME study of Antietam Battlefield to be held on 27-28 October. The Foundation also granted funds for TBS students to travel to Chancellor Civil War Battlefield on October 27th. The 2nd Lieutenants will conduct a PME study of General Stonewall Jackson’s flank march through Chancellorsville and attend a lecture given by a National Park Service historian. The historian will also accompany the students on the hike to answer important questions and provide valuable background information on the battle. Afterwards, the Marines will have the opportunity to discuss key points of the battle that are relevant to modern warfare.

MCA plans to test “livestreaming” events in 2012 – beginning with the Ground Logistics Awards Dinner on 29 March so our members who can’t drive at night and those who live too far away can feel like they are there with the winning Marines and their families!

MCAF is a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation so your support may qualify for tax deductions.

GREAT News - MCA&F is NOW part of the Combined Federal Campaign!
We invite you to make MCA&F at least one of your donation recipients during this year’s CFC Campaign!


CFC Donor Code is 19821

MCA&F Auction Results!

In the September Member Update we announced the following auction prizes available for the MCAF Auction:

  • Four Year College Scholarship from Grantham University worth over $33,000

  • Historical Tour of your choice from Military Historical Tours worth over $6,000 

  • Leatherneck Tribute M1 Garand Rifle worth over $3,500

  • Leatherneck Vietnam Tribute M1911 45 Caliber Pistol worth over $2,100

Congratulations to the following MCA members for sending in the winning prize bids and thanks for supporting Marines:

Jonathan Miller, winner of the Grantham University Scholarship
Martin Johnson, winner of the Military Historical Tour
Ed McCourt, winner of the M1 Garrand Rifle
Stephen Meredith, winner of the M1911 45 Caliber Pistol

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