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I hope your summer is going well. I’d like to start off with congratulations to Marine Corps Association (MCA) members General Jim Amos and Lieutenant General Joe Dunford on their recent nominations as Commandant and Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps, and to General Jim Mattis, a long-standing member, on his nomination as Commander of the United States Central Command. Their leadership in combat and love for Marines is legendary and we wish them the very best.

July 31st marks the end of an era for the Association as Major General Les Palm (USMC, Ret) leaves his position of twelve years as Chief Executive Officer. We thank him for all he has given to our Corps and to our Association. I also thank him for his guidance to me during this transitional period, and I wish him well in his new endeavors.

Thanks to your MCA membership and the supporting efforts of the Marine Corps Association Foundation (MCAF) 104 separate Commander Library Grants have been made to units ranging from the 5-man Marine Security Detachment in Turkmenistan to the 1200-man I MEF Headquarters Afghanistan. The Marine Excellence program has been in full swing this summer as well. In June we sponsored dinner events in Washington DC to recognize the Corps top Marines from the ground combat element and logistics combat element. Please take a look at our MCAF web site to read the award summaries and you’ll get a sense of the exceptional young leaders we have today. So far this year through your membership we have provided over 4500 awards recognizing the class leaders of the various Marine Corps schools.

The MCA and MCAF are committed to linking Marines and their leaders with knowledge and insight that prepare them for the complex world in which they will operate and to recognize those whose excellence set the example for others.

Thank you for your membership and support… and enjoy the summer.

Semper Fi,

Edward G. Usher, III
Major General, USMC (Ret)
President and Chief Executive Officer


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Question: An illustrator and artist, I led a company of the 5th through 6 months of combat in a major war where I fought in every major battle fought by Marines in the war, was cited for bravery and awarded the Navy Cross and later wrote and illustrated what some consider a defining book of that war that became an instant best seller. The book contains as part of its title reference to a certain weapon widely used during this and earlier wars but not so crucial today.  Who am I, what is the title of my book and which war did the book describe?

Answer: Name:____________________.  Book Title:___________________. Which War?_________________

Rule Change! We used to award the prize to the first correct responder but we have found over time that the winning criteria favors responders in our time zone and give practically no chance to anyone deployed or in a different time zone. So, starting with the July contest, we are going to hold a drawing of all the correct responders a week after we release the Update and whomever gets selected then is the winner.

Prize Upgrade! In addition to the highly coveted Marine Corps Association Coin, we are now including our handy new Four in One gadget as a bonus. Be the first in your neighborhood to get one!

As per usual, send your answers to and please include your name and address so we can send you your prize.

Answer to the June 2010 trivia contest.
Sterling Hayden. Born Sterling Relyea Walter he was adopted by his step father and changed his name to Sterling Walter Hayden and later enlisted in the Marine Corps under the name John Hamilton. Among his many Hollywood acting roles, playing General Jack  D. Ripper in Dr. Strangelove was among the most memorable. In the scene alluded to in the question he played police Captain McCluskey who was shot by future Godfather, Michael Corleone (Al Pacino) while protecting a Sicilian drug smuggler known as “The Turk.”

Again thanks to the Triviaphiles for yet another strong response. Again most of the responders had the correct answer and most had a more complete answer than the contest called for indicating to us that our hard core responders and frequent offenders need to take up fishing or raising lemmings for fur.

As usual the incorrect responses were interesting and highly entertaining as were some of the gratuitous remarks offered by responders along with their answers. Here is a rundown on the more notable incorrect answers:

Tyrone Power - Was a Marine but served as an aviator rather than a clandestine agent.
Marlon Brando - Where did this come from?  “Could have been a contender”…he wasn’t a Marine.
Robert Ryan - LOOKS like and is as tall as Sterling Hayden. Served as a Marine Drill instructor.
Stewart Granger - HELLO!! ENGLISH.  Invalided out of the 42nd Highlanders in 1942 for ulcers.
Audie Murphy - ARMY – Thanks for Playing…
Lee Marvin - Marine WW-II veteran but never commissioned.

Congratulations to Major Eric Smith, USMCR of Alexandria, VA for winning the June contest.

Too Good to Ignore!  Many thanks to “Craig” for providing this juicy quote from Frank Lloyd Wright along with the correct trivia answer:

“I’m all in favor of keeping dangerous weapons out of the hands of fools.  Let’s start with typewriters.”

We enthusiastically concur.

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Your August Leatherneck will be available shortly and we think the current operations and training and history mix will picque your interest. Andrew Lubin was embedded with Marine units in June and his article on training the Afghan National Police provides a "transition" update in the "clear, hold, transition" COIN strategy. Another highlight in this issue is "One Determined Marine: John Gerber and the Pacific War Museum," by P.T. Brent. "PT" discovered the Pacific War Museum on a visit to Guam. Marine veteran John Gerber, a human dynamo, built this impressive museum from scratch. It's an amazing story but sadly, while it was being written, John Gerber had a massive heart attack and is now guarding the gates on "Heaven's scenes." The museum is a testament to one Marine's vision and persistence. For Vietnam veterans and students of Marine history, we provide Jack Wells' article, "The Doom Patrol." These plus more make this August issue one of Leatherneck's best.

Marine Corps Gazette
The August Gazette includes the prize winning essays in the annual Chase Boldness and Daring Essay Contest. In the winning article, "The Road to Hell" Major Greg Thiele postulates that commanders no longer have the ability to plan unit training based on an evaluation of mission and mission essential task list but are locked in step by the pre-deployment training plan. Sgt. Tim Caucutt in his article "Paying Pirates" decries the growing reliance of fire support units on civilian contractors to repair and maintain equipment. Additionally there are interesting and provocative articles on topics as diverse as the construct that should replace the three block war to advice for the student naval aviator. You will probably and hopefully not agree with all the articles. In fire support, silence is consent.  If we don't hear from you we assume you agree.

This Month in Marine Corps History
1 July, 1920 - MajGen John A. Lejeune became 13 Commandant of the Marine Corps.  A legend of the Corps, LtGen Lejeune’s achievements include command of the 4th Marine Brigade in France during World War I and later command of the U.S.Army’s 2nd Infantry Division. While a LtCol serving in Cuba, he proved to be the inspiration and driving force behind the founding of the Marine Corps Association, served as the superintendent of the Virginia Military Institute and was the driving force behind the Marines’ revered tradition of celebrating our birthday with a reading of his original and the current commandant’s messages.

7 July 1941
- 1st MAW commissioned at Quantico, VA
10 July 1941 - 2nd MAW commissioned at San Diego, CA
Both 69 Years young and still coming on strong! Wings Level and Cleared HOT!
We thank you for your service!

14 July, 1853
- Commodore Matthew C. Perry lands in Japan. Marine Major Jacob Zeilin was the second man ashore. Also a distinguished Marine, Zeilin had extensive experience as a sea going Marine during the age of sail, participated in a number of actions during the campaign to conquer California during the Mexican-American War, commanded a company of Marines at the 1st Battle of Manassas in the Civil War and helped open up Japan with Commodore Perry. Later he became the 1st ever Marine General Officer when he was promoted to Brigadier General in 1874.

27 July 1953 - Korean War Ended.  Active fighting ceased as the armistice was signed at Panmunjom.

Here are a series of rarely seen photos from our archives taken during the time of the armistice negotiations at Panmunjom.




From MCA’s Picture Archive – LEGENDS of the Corps
Here is a selection of rarely seen photo shots of some of our Corps most legendary Marines and leaders:


General Clifton Bledsoe Cates
- 19th Commandant of the Marine Corps, Navy Cross and Distinguished Service Cross recipient for service with 6th Marines in WW-I and later, Commander of 1st Marines at Guadalcanal.

General Lemuel C. Shepherd
- 20th Commandant of the Marine Corps, awarded the Navy Cross and Distinguished Service Cross for service at Belleau Woods with the 5th Marines and later organized and commanded the 6th Marine Division throughout the battle of Okinawa.

LtCol Earl Hancock Ellis (“Pete”)
- Navy Cross and Distinguished Service Cross recipient for service during Mont Blanc and Meuse Argonne offensives in WW-I and noted Marine amphibious strategist who died under mysterious circumstances during Pacific island survey missions.

MajGen Wendell C. Neville – 14th Commandant of the Marine Corps and recipient of both the Medal of Honor and the Brevet Medal for heroism. He saw service in the Spanish American War, the Boxer Rebellion and landed at Vera Cruz in 1914 before leading the 5th Marines at Belleau Woods during WW-I.

General Holland M. Smith (“Howlin Mad”)
(right) - widely heralded as father of modern day Marine Amphibious Warfare and first commander of 1st Marine Division as well as V Amphibious Corps during the Gilberts Island Campaign during WW-II.

LtGen Victor H. Krulak (“Brute”) – Navy Cross recipient for service as commander 2nd Parachute Battalion at Choiseul during WW-II and noted counter insurgency warfare expert during Vietnam war.



Here are our upcoming professional events highlighted for you below.  We hope you can attend and we encourage you to bring some buddies for enhanced camaraderie!

19 August
Book Signing with John Poole, author of author of Phantom Soldier, The Tiger's Way, Dragon Days, and his newest, Expeditionary Eagles: Outmaneuvering the Taliban
The MARINE Shop            
Quantico, VA

1 September
MCAF Ammo Tech Awards Dinner
Springfield, VA

28 October
Book Signing with Gene Duncan, author of Green Side Out, Brown Side Out, Run In Circles, Dunk's Almanac and others
The MARINE Shop            
Quantico, VA

29 October
Book Signing with Thomas P. Daly, author of Rage Company: A Marine's Baptism by Fire
The MARINE Shop            
Quantico, VA

16 November
Book Signing with Robert Coram, author of Brute: The Life of Victor Krulak, U.S. Marine
The MARINE Shop            
Quantico, VA

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