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On April 26th we will unveil our new websites for MCA, Leatherneck, Marine Corps Gazette and The Marine Corps Association Foundation.  The sites will have new feature sections, improved search capabilities, with better organization and layout that will make navigation easier.  In particular, I want to point out that each of the sites will increase interactivity to make it easier for members to provide input on subjects of interest.  As we get our new sites up and running in April, look for changes to our E-Commerce website, www.marineshop.net.

On April 7th General James T. Conway hosted a dinner at Marine Barracks Washington in honor of the MCA.  It was a wonderful evening and one the MCA staff will not soon forget.  Thank you General and Mrs. Conway for making time in your busy schedules to host a wonderful evening for the MCA Staff and Board members.  General Conway will be the guest speaker for the 7th Annual MCAF C4 Awards Dinner honoring the professional achievements of the Corps’ top performing C4 Marines from 2009.

The Marine Corps and the City of Boston will celebrate Marine Week, 3 to 9 May.  The Marine Corps Association Foundation (MCAF) will participate in Marine Week by hosting two luncheons.  On 5 May we host the Marine Corps Luncheon and General Officers Panel Discussion at the Taj Hotel. On 6 May we will hold the Boston Marine Week Luncheon featuring LtGen Joe Dunford, Commanding General I MEF, as our guest speaker. He will be followed by a Forum on Afghanistan – Past, Present, & Future.  

On May 13th the MCAF will sponsor the Combat Development Dinner at Quantico. The guest speaker will be BGen Larry Nicholson who has just returned from Afghanistan where he served as the commander of 2nd MEB.

For a complete listing of MCAF events, Marine Week Boston Forum speakers, and registration information, visit the website.  While these events are enjoyable and entertaining, they also present some great networking opportunities.  It’s a wonderful way to stay connected to the Corps and connect with Marine friends.

Thanks for your support and please let me hear from you.  You can do that by emailing MCA at comments@mca-marines.org.

Semper Fidelis,

Edward Usher
Major General, USMC (Ret)
President and Chief Executive Officer
Marine Corps Association


     New MCA website

     General James T. Conway

      C4 Awards

     LtGen Dunford (left) &
     BGen Nicholson (right)


Member Section

  • Member & Reader Showcase.  Got a golden anniversary or other significant milestone coming up or significant news or achievement our readers should know about? Let us know and send us a picture and we will consider sharing it here in MCA’s Member Update!

Of Interest to Marines

  • Forrestal Lecture at USNA by the Honorable Dr. Robert M. Gates, Secretary of Defense - 7 April 2010 Dr. Gates offers an interesting perspective on military leadership and gives memorable, often amusing examples from legendary Marine, Navy and Army leaders.  http://www.defense.gov/speeches/speech.aspx?speechid=1444
  • 4th Marine Division gets new Commanding General
    BGen James Lariviere assumed command of the 4th Marine Division on 10 April, replacing MajGen James Williams, who retired during the change of command ceremony after 34 years of service to Corps and country.  https://www.mfr.usmc.mil/mfrnews/2010/2010.04/fourth.asp
  • Read ALL About it!   Read the latest breaking news affecting or about Marines at Leatherneck’s Corps Daily News and Marine Corps Gazette’s G News.   Visit each magazine web site (Link provided below in Magazine Highlights section) to access these dynamic news features which are updated DAILY!


Question: Fun with code…  Fun with critters… Fun with antique but still cool Marine Gear! Unscramble the code below to come up with the designators for three pieces of USMC utility equipment.

Our Code to bemuse you:  M57614121M5M

Our three-part question to confound you (Each character is only used once):

1. Obsolete equipment named for an imaginary animal created for the popular cartoon Popeye.

2. Obsolete 6 wheeled all-terrain, amphibious cargo equipment named after a nimble creature from the caprinae family combined with what appears to be a Greek letter but is actually a corruption of the designer’s name.

3. Loud and somewhat slow, but able to negotiate very rough terrain, this practical equipment carrier was designed to accompany the infantry and carry excess loads.  Looks like a big coffee table with wheels.

                   A _ _ _ _
                   B _ _ _ _
                   C _ _ _ _     

Be the first to send the correct answer to comments@mca-marines.org and we will send you an MCA Commemorative Coin. 

Please include your name and address so we can send you your prize.!

Here’s our trivia question from the March 2010 edition of MCA Today:

Q.  While serving as a tank driver and mechanic in the Marines, I was briefly confined to base at Camp Lejeune and fined $90.00 for being in a state of unauthorized absence but, was also commended for rescuing 5 other Marines in a training accident.  Upon discharge from the Marine Corps, I used my military education benefits to study at Actor’s Studio in New York City.  A hugely successful actor, my first lead role had as my adversary a large and constantly growing creature of amorphous form, which threatened to engulf an entire town until frozen during the climax.   Who am I and what was the name of my first movie?

A.  Steve McQueen, lead actor in the low budget sci fi film “The Blob” is the answer.  Several of our MCA Today readers pointed out that McQueen’s first film was actually “Somebody Up There Likes Me” and that our question was awkwardly phrased.  Sorry about that!  Most readers submitting an answer got the question exactly right, but our favorite response is an entry with the correct actor but listed the movie as “The Blub”.  Probably a better title…


Remember that EVERY membership / subscription option includes ONLINE access to BOTH Leatherneck and Marine Corps Gazette at no extra charge! 

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Anchoring the May issue is an overview article by former Marine captain turned ESPN announcer, Larry Rawson, on the great successes enjoyed by Marines in track and field at the national and international level in the 1950s, '60s and early '70s. Many readers will be surprised and impressed with the leathernecks' record-smashing efforts.  When you read the May Leatherneck, stand by to add more facts to your Marine brag list!

Then 1stLt Billy Mills, an Oglala Lakota Indian, waves to the crowd after setting a new Olympic record in the 10,000-meter race at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Mills is the only American to ever win this event, and while his qualifying time was far slower than favorite Ron Clarke of Australia, who finished third, Mills shattered the old record with a tremendous kick at the finish. Mills continues to serve America today as a spokesman for “Running Strong for American Indian Youth,” a national organization encouraging native youth with his message of character, dignity and pride. See www.indianyouth.org
Photo courtesy of Billy Mills

Need a chuckle?  Check out the Leatherneck Laughs feature on Leatherneck’s website:


Marine Corps Gazette
The May issue of the Gazette has a focus on Marine Aviation.  Flying Leathernecks are what distinguishes the Corps from the Army and enable us to make a unique contribution to America's defense.  In addition, the May issue starts a provocative series of articles, written in epistolary style, that posit the premise that maneuver warfare doctrine has not been institutionalized in the Marine Corps and the debate between the "Attritionists" and the "Maneuverists" lives on.  Titled "The Attritionist Letters" this series should amuse and provoke. 

Have you seen the latest controversy under discussion at the Gazette Forum?  Weigh in with your own opinion in the discussions currently under way this month!



This Month in Marine Corps History
On 1 April 65 years ago, U.S. Marines, under the command of MajGen Roy Geiger, USMC, served in the Tenth Army, commanded by LtGen Simon Boliver Buckner, Jr. USA, in Operation Iceberg – the largest amphibious assault in the Pacific war.  The hard fought battle lasted 82 days, involved 5 US Army Divisions and included 2 Marine Divisions in the action with another Marine Division in reserve offshore.

The operation’s objective was to seize Okinawa in the Ryukyu island chain only 340 miles from mainland Japan to serve as a base for sustained air operations against mainland Japan. One of the costliest battles of the war, the allies suffered over 50,000 casualties while the Japanese lost over 100,000 troops and another 100,000 civilians before the island was secured.

Check out the unique pictures and combat action footage of the Battle of Okinawa courtesy of Leatherneck Magazine’s Okinawa Photo Gallery: http://www.mca-marines.org/leatherneck/okinawa.asp

From the Photo Archives
Here is a selection of additional photos of the battle of Okinawa from MCA / Leatherneck photo archives that you may have never seen before:

Trying  to keep up with grooming standards was difficult after torrential rains!

A small part of the invasion fleet and logistics tail on station continuing to provide support after the initial landings.

MajGen Roy Geiger and elements of command group observing combat action during the battle.


Happiness is a belt fed weapon!

Flame On!

Reducing cave complexes during the advance.


MCAF is The Marine Corps Associations 501(c)(3) charitable organization, which enables our members and supporters the ability to make tax-deductible donations in support of programs for Marines like the MCAF Awards and Professional Events Programs and the Unit Library Program. 

Here are our upcoming April / May 2010 professional events highlighted for you below.  We hope you will attend and bring a friend!  

  • 29 April - C4 Awards Dinner - Arlington, VA

  • MCAF Roadtrip for Marine Week Boston:
  • 5 May - MCAF Luncheon & General Officer Panel - Taj Hotel, Boston, MA  
  • 6 May - MCAF Luncheon & Forum on Afghanistan - Harvard Club, Boston, MA
  • 13 May - MCAF Combat Development Dinner - Quantico, VA

For more details visit the MCAF website!


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