MCA&F Unit Subscription Program

Deemed “MISSION ESSENTIAL” by the Commandant of the Marine Corps for their value in promoting professional growth and distributing troop information, MCA&F’s Flagship Magazines, Leatherneck – Magazine of the Marines, and Marine Corps Gazette – Professional Journal of U.S. Marines are available for Unit Subscriptions with costs paid through appropriated funds in organizational budgets.

CMC letter 1560 over MRRV dtd 12 Nov is an indefinite quantity agreement between the Marine Corps and the Marine Corps Association & Foundation that allows Marine units to purchase MULTI-YEAR SUBSCRIPTIONS at substantial savings of unit funds and administrative processing time.

Subscription Rates:

  Leatherneck Magazine Marine Corps Gazette
1 Year Subscription $25.00 $37.00
2 Year Subscription $48.00 $72.00

Recommended unit distribution is one Leatherneck subscription per every 10 Marines and one Marine Corps Gazette subscription per company size unit. Discounts are available for unit multiple subscriptions.

Set Up Your Unit Subscription Today!

It’s Easy to Do – Contact MCA&F and Cite the Agreement Information Above:

By Mail: By Phone:

P.O. Box 1775

Quantico, VA



OR 703-640-6161

Delivery To Multiple Addresses:

NOTE: Subscriptions may be also ordered for delivery to multiple addresses. This is best done through the unit's regional contracting office or RCO. Using your unit funds, have the RCO fill out a standard form SF 1449 (Solicitation/Contract/Order for commercial items).

Agreement is: CMC letter 1560 over MRRV dtd 12 Nov.

The administrator in block 16 is M00264.

Commanding General Reg Cont Office N
MCB 3250 Catlin Ave
Lee Robinson
Quantico VA22134-5001

The Contractor in block 17a is
Marine Corps Association & Foundation
715 Broadway
Quantico, VA 22134-5146
TEL. 703-640-0121

Simply attach a continuation sheet if required that lists the options exercised for the total amount of Gazette and Leathernecks and the total cost. Attach a distribution list that shows the Units with the unit addresses, number of Gazette subscriptions for that unit and number of Leatherneck subscriptions.