FY 2012 Gunnery Sergeant Selection Board

Per MARADMIN 091/12, the board will convene on 17 April 2012 for a period of about 8 weeks.

The ENLPROMMAN specifies that selection board members consider demonstrated performance/achievement, leadership, professional and technical knowledge, experience (type and level), growth potential, motivation, military proficiency, physical fitness, personal appearance, conduct, moral character, and maturity in order to determine who is “best and fully qualified” for selection.

Having previously served as a SNCO Selection Board member, and a member of numerous Remedial SNCO Selection Boards, I offer that completed fitness reports are carefully scrutinized to determine precisely who among the keen competition is “best and fully qualified” for selection.  Incomplete records, as a result of missing fitness reports tended to diminish the Marine’s competitiveness, when being compared to their peers.    

MARADMIN 091/12 also specifies that each Marine is personally responsible for ensuring the accuracy and completeness of his/her Official Military Personnel File (OMPF) and Master Brief Sheet (MBS).  

MCO P1610.7F Performance Evaluation System (PES) includes the following guidance/direction: 

The PES provides a continuous chain of fitness reports that cumulatively covers every day a Marine serves in the grades of sergeant through major general. 

Reporting seniors are responsible for determining the fitness report requirements for their subordinate Marines, and preparing the reports.  Reviewing officers must ensure the accuracy and timely submission of fitness reports, and take corrective action to prevent late submission of fitness reports. 

The timely receipt of fitness reports (within 30 days of the end of the reporting period) by HQMC ensures complete and accurate updates of Marine’s OMPFs.   

Though not in the reporting chain, all senior enlisted advisors have the responsibility to assist reporting officials and commanders in completing and processing enlisted fitness reports per provisions of this order. 

According to a leader assigned at the Manpower Management Support Branch (MMSB), Marines that are eligible for consideration during the FY 2012 Gunnery Sergeant Board are currently missing over 400 fitness reports.

As the individual Marine does not prepare, review or submit their own fitness reports, is it appropriate for them to be personally responsible for the completeness of their OMPF/MBS?

After logging onto the M&RA website, I accessed MMSB-30, and conducted several MCC and RUC date gap queries.  There is evidence that many unit leaders are very diligently fulfilling their duty to prevent and/or resolve missing fitness reports (to include date gaps).  Perhaps those leaders are willing to share their best practices?

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