Join me on the 4th of July: CNN’s American Morning

UPDATED: Watch Bianca on CNN!

Fireworks! Picnics! Parties, oh my! Wait; there is a more important word to define the upcoming 4th of July holiday: FREEDOM! Every day, a thought should be given to how fortunate we are to have freedom, but in our daily routines we tend to tuck the fact that it is a luxury in the back of our heads.

Regardless of rising gas prices and a slumping economy, our worse times in America will never be as bad as others because we are distinguished by one characteristic- we are a free Nation because of our veterans of the past, our brave military of the present, and our military families who hold steadfast in the support of their loved ones’ mission. So ladies and gents, while you watch the re-enactment of ‘bombs bursting in air’ at local fireworks shows, take a moment to reflect on lives lost & changed forever.

I will have the privilege of appearing on CNN’s American Morning on July 4th (around the 7 a.m. mark, will update as we get closer), I hope you will tune in and listen to me reinforce my gratitude that I get to live my life being married to one of the few, one of the proud, one very handsome United States Marine. Have a safe and meaningful 4th! And thank you to our troops who don’t get to celebrate on American soil but will very much be on the minds of the people they protect!

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