Sergeant Mark Bradley, a Marine hero who lost his battle for life yesterday

Today’s blog was going to be about the Joining Forces Initiative, then last night I received devastating news and I knew there was no way to just go about today. On Monday, I was told by a friend at the Marine Corps League that a Marine from where we are stationed was injured in Afghanistan. The young Sergeant was on a scout sniper mission with 3/2, and he was stationed at Camp Lejeune.  He suffered severe injuries from an IED on June 3. Since then, he was fighting for his life, with his young wife Samantha and family by his side. I was so hopeful, he was a miracle for surviving what he faced and I really believed with prayer this would be a happy ending.

The local veteran group was planning a fundraiser to help with prolonged medical expenses and so many people were pulling for him. Sadly, on Wednesday night he lost his life. This hero, this husband, this son, this brother, is now an angel above us and it is so completely devastating to me to think about his wife. So please, as you go about your daily routines, remember this young American hero who did so much in his short time in life and pray for his wife, left behind with lost hopes of the future with him.

This story is the exact reason I want people to appreciate everything our military does- our service members fight in a war while we are safe in country going about our daily lives. Do not ever forget the sacrifice of Sergeant Mark Bradley, his family who is now mourning his loss, and the countless other lives changed by war.

God Bless Our Troops & Their Families

Sgt Mark Bradley and his wife Samantha

UPDATE: There will be a tribute service held for Sgt Mark Bradley at the Carolina Military Vehicle Preservation Association on Saturday, June 18 starting at noon. This is a Marines' version of a tribute, celebrating Sgt Bradley's life with the things he loved to do: the gun range will be opened, food & beer will be provided and his brothers will be in attendance. The hope of this tribute is to reflect on a fallen friend. The location of the clubhouse is: CMVPA Bldg, 9773 HAWLEY RD, KENLY NC 27542. Funeral arrangements are currently pending.

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