Travels of a MSOY: First Appearance on FOX News

I am heading north this weekend to teach a LINKS Class to Recruiting Station New Jersey. For those who are not familiar, LINKS is a classed designed for the Marine Corps that teaches about all aspects of military life including Corps History, Getting Through the Maze (of resources), Investing in the Community you are planted in, and how to deal with deployments. Moreover, the class is designed for Marines, spouses, parents, children and significant others. If you have not attended one, I highly encourage you to regardless of where you are in your military journey. If your base isn’t currently offering them, contact me and we can bring the class to you.

In addition, one of the most exciting commitments of my weekend is that I will have the opportunity to be on Fox & Friends (LIVE) at 7:50 a.m. this coming Monday; then Fox News Live at 9:40 a.m. It will be a great opportunity to speak nationally about my goals for the military community. Be sure to tune in and provide me with your feedback; I’m from Jersey-I have thick skin and welcome constructive criticism. You can reach me via email at

Quick Reminder: May 21st is Armed Forces Day around the country; look for activities in your area that show their appreciation for what you & your family have sacrificed.

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