The Science of WIFM

I look at the components of family readiness as a science; if you are a card carrying member of the elite military community there are many resources that exist to improve your quality of life. One of the roles I play in my unit is fielding through the vast information out there and teaching my Marines the “WIFM: what’s in it for me (them).”

Military Onesource is one of the best known resources available and this week I want to spotlight “what it can do for YOU.” Regardless of what your ID card says-Active, Reserve or Retired, Enlisted or Officer, Spouse or Child, if you fall under the umbrella of the Marine Corps you rate these services:

· 12 free financial counseling sessions, in person with a certified financial counselor

· 12 free in person counseling sessions with a licensed professional: Can be personal, couple or family

· 10 free books a year ( such titles as Pride and Prejudice, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Down Range: To Iraq and Back)

· For those Marines serving on independent duty, families of deployed National Guard/Reserve or relocated spouses of a deployed service member, you receive a free YMCA membership

Above are just some of the key services that have been most helpful to the Marines & families I serve, utilize them because you earned them. In addition, there are numerous other services they offer that can assist you in whatever you are looking to achieve, such as education, a new hobby or information on your next duty station. Visit the website at:

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