Weekend Update: July 14 2013

No Better Friend: 7th ESB Marine Helps Out In Vietnam

Cpl Max V. Tijerino, right, a combat engineer with 7th Engineer Support Battalion, 1st Marine Logistics Group, poses in front of children awaiting treatment at a makeshift dental facility in Vietnam during Pacific Angel 2013, June 17, 2013. Courtesy of 1st MLG

Courtesy of 1st Marine Logistics Group
July 12, 2013

CAMP PENDLETON, Calif. – Having lived in Texas, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Mexico, North Carolina, South Carolina and Miami, Cpl Max V. Tijerino, a 25-year-old combat engineer, comes from a multicultural background and treats everyone, from the Vietnamese locals to the Marines under his leadership, with an open mind and a helping hand.

Tijerino was one of two combat engineers with 7th Engineer Support Battalion, 1st Marine Logistics Group, who participated in Pacific Angel 2013, a humanitarian operation in Vietnam.

“Going to Vietnam, you see how undeveloped their country is in certain parts,” said Tijerino, who considers Miami as his hometown. “A lot of the cities don’t have sewer systems and the infrastructure is just different. We went over there and we fixed up the clinics, we set up lights, electricity, air-conditioning, a furnace for burning medical waste and did some beautification.” To continue reading, click here.