Weekend Extra - February 9, 2013

ARTICLE: Flags Over Mount Suribachi by Maj Norman T. Hatch, USMCR(Ret) [Marine Corps Gazette February 2004]

ARTICLE: Iwo Jima: "Hell With The Fire Out" by Col Joseph H. Alexander, USMC(Ret) [Marine Corps Gazette February 1995]

ARTICLE: Giants Of The Corps: Fifth Marine Division by Herb Richardson [Leatherneck Magazine, September 1976]

PHOTOS: Iwo Jima Today: Not Easy Then, Not Easy Now

PHOTOS: Iwo Jima - Rare Photos, Map and 21st Marine Regiment Action Report

PHOTOS: The First Flag Raising Atop Mount Suribachi, Feb. 23, 1945

PHOTOS: Iwo Jima - From Our Archives

PHOTOS: 1945: Marine Corps Combat Correspondents and Photographers Tell the Iwo Jima Story