Nov. 2013: Letter of the Month

The warrior serves his country wherever he is sent. He believes he is tough and in many respects he is, but he is no match for his military wife.

While he is away defending the nation, she is on the other battle line: the home front. While on a long-range reconnaissance patrol, he will get a signal from his patrol leader to take five. His wife never does. At times he can rest. She never can.

He is responsible to his patrol leader. She is responsible to and for small children, 7/24, with no let up, ever. He is away and they always ask: “Where is Daddy?” She tries to answer and does her best, but feels she falls short as the kids ask: “Mommy, why are you crying?” She will answer: “Oh, Mommy has something in her eye, that’s all.”

When he is hungry, the warrior breaks out a meal, ready to eat. She does not. She has to make do with a limited budget, and when she looks at her children, she cannot give excuses, so she looks at the leftovers, and in only a way that a mother can, she creates a gourmet meal. As tough as the warrior is, he will never match his wife. She is a “mom.” A title just a little above that of queen!

Ronald P. Parrish

RVN, 1965-66; 1970-71

New Bloomfeld, Pa.