Marines With CLB-2 Compete In Fire Team Challenge

By Cpl Devin Nichols
July 2, 2013

CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. - Marines with Transportation and Support Company, Combat Logistics Battalion 2, 2d Marine Logistics Group participated in a fire team challenge at the French Creek barracks here, June 27, 2013.

Service members had to perform challenges at six different stations. Varying from a portion of the Marine Corps Combat Fitness Test, machine gun assembly and disassembly, tow bar set-up, casualty assessment and treatment, casualty evacuation, and pull ups in full personal protective equipment followed by a 30 question Marine Corps knowledge test.

“We want our entire company to be interchangeable so that any Marine in the company can switch out and do any job within the company,” said Capt Lee Stuckey, the commanding officer of T&S Co., CLB-2, 2d MLG. “That is what they are striving for and they are doing a great job doing it.”

Each fire team was timed and evaluated at each station. The winning fire team not only received the rest of the day off, but received a meritorious mast from the company commanding officer and a certificate of commendation for the winning squad leader.

“The fire team leaders are competing against each other, the squad leaders are competing against each other, and it’s showing through their competitive nature because as Marines we are all competitive,” said Stuckey. “You can see them challenging themselves and each other to push each other past those limits.”

This was the first time T&S Co. has done a fire team challenge but Stuckey plans to organize more challenges every month for the Marines in the company.