Marine Corps Combat Service Support Schools: Solidifying the Transformation

Leatherneck--Magazine of the Marines is pleased to tell the story of the Marine Corps Combat Service Support Schools in our February 2014 issue.

Nearly 20 percent of all enlisted Marines fresh out of boot camp and Marine Combat Training go to MCCSSS at Camp Johnson, N.C., enjoying liberty in nearby Jacksonville, N.C., and at Camp Lejeune, as they complete their military occupational skills training. The school is noted for sustaining the transformation, initiated by the drill instructors at the Corps two great recruit depots and developed at Marine Corps’ schools of infantry.

Mentorship is the order of the day as the young Marines continue to grow under the leadership of the carefully selected instructors who “… are mentors, leaders, coaches, sometimes marriage counselors,” according to the MCCSSS sergeant major, Sergeant Major Rodney A. Robinson.

Read the story in our February issue.