Interview with a Marine Who Assisted Rescue Efforts After Hurricane Sandy

On Oct. 29, Hurricane Sandy ripped through the city of New York. Among the chaos of floodwaters and winds close to 80 mph, a transformer in the Queens neighborhood of Rockaway Beach burst and started a house fire that quickly spread to nearby homes. With the floodwaters so high, emergency personnel were unable to rescue residents and contain the blazes. So, New York Police Department Detective Frank Pinto called on the Marines. 

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Sgt Jorge S. Negron, communications technician, 6th Communications Battalion, Marine Forces Reserve, was one of three Marines and a Navy corpsman who came to the aid of New Yorkers during Hurricane Sandy Oct. 29, 2012. Negron, a native of Milwaukee, Wis., in addition to Sgt Michael James Roy II, Sgt. Allan D. Donaire and a hospital corpsman, rescued 14 New Yorkers trapped by rising waters and a raging fire that burned more than a hundred homes as Hurricane Sandy came ashore.
(Photo by Sgt Randall A. Clinton.)