Happy 236th Birthday From Lucille and Ed Cercone

Marine Officers of "The Old Corps":
Bruce "Soup" Campbell, J.J. Carroll, C.R. "Casey" Casey, Bill Conley, Terry Ebbert, Dick Esau, Walt Ford, John Gutter, Ken Jordan, Jack Kelly, Bob Mastrion, Mike McGowan, H.J.M. "Mac" Radcliffe, John Rivers, John Williams
Someone once said : "It's a great day to be alive and in the Corps, where every day is a holiday and every meal, a banquet".  I never did find out who came up with that saying just as I don't know who coined the phrase : "The difficult we do immediately; the impossible takes a little longer"!  But we Tankers were never as quick as you 03 types so perhaps one of you can help me out.  I've also been told I'm beyond help but I just ignore those potshots -- (Thank you, Jack Kelly !).
What I do know is that we all made it through another year and here we are at the 236th anniversary of the founding of our Corps and I, for one, am most grateful, indeed exceedingly honored to have you as my Brothers and to have spent time soldiering with you in the last century.  On a day like today, I am reminded of the peaks and valleys of life with the "highs" always so much greater than the "lows" and always because I was fortunate enough to have worn the Eagle, Globe and Anchor and share a comraderie that is only understood fully by those who call themselves Marines.
I would personally want to extend my humble but my most heartfelt appreciation to you and to your families for all that you have sacrificed over the years and for your uncompromising service and your limitless dedication to Country and Corps.  You remain the very best fighting machine the world has ever seen and the very best friends it has been my good fortune to have.  Be as well as you can, God bless and Godspeed.  And Semper Fi, too !!
Happy 236th !!
Lucille and Ed Cercone