Exclusive Author Interviews


Watch our exclusive series of interviews with a host of authors from Col Tim Geraghty, USMC(Ret), who was the Marine commander during the terrorist attacks in Beirut, Lebanon, in 1983, to Dr. David Kilcullen, one of the most notable voices in the counterinsurgency arena.

Interview with John Gordon, author of "Fighting for MacArthur"

Interview with Norman Fulkerson, author of "An American Knight"

Interview with Steven Pressfield, Author of "The Profession"

Interview With Norm Hatch, WWII Combat Cameraman, And Charles Jones, Author of "War Shots"

Interview With Frank Cox, Author Of "Lullabies For Lieutenants"

A Conversation and Book Signing with Col Tim Geraghty, USMC(Ret)

An Interview with Thomas Daly, Author of "Rage Company"

Interview With Jim Michaels, Author Of "A Chance In Hell"

A Conversation and Book Signing with Robert Coram, Author of "Brute: The Life of Victor Krulak, U.S. Marine"

A Conversation and Book Signing with Dr. David Kilcullen

Interview with Richard Whittle, author of "The Dream Machine"

Interview with Karl Marlantes, Author of "Matterhorn"