The Cavite Marines

By 1stLt Guy B. Beatty - Originally Published December 1932

It has been a long time since the readers of The Leatherneck have heard from the Cavite Marines, but here goes.

As most Marines know, who have been past Honolulu and Guam, Cavite is the next stop on the way to China. When the transports come in not many passengers disembark, but the few we do get ench time enables the post to hit on all four.

The principal duties of the Marines at Cavite are to guard the Navy Yard, Canacao Naval Hospital and operate the U. S. Naval Prison. There are a few outposts including one at Los Banos, the Radio Station and one at Manila, but the barracks are more or less always intact. The daily routine is very liberal and although it follows the average routine of most tropical posts the training given is very thorough. Cavite can always turn out at a moment's notice a full strength Infantry Company and a completely organized Machine Gun Platoon. Oh, yes, we will not forget extras who can fill in most any place.

All the range firing is on the Navy Rifle Range at Olongapo, details being sent there from time to time during the year. The barracks at Cavite are large, roomy and comfortable; the Post Exchange, Library, Amusement Room and other activities arc practically under one roof. Cavite has always been proud of an excellent general mess, good baseball team and up-to-date tennis courts. Regular daily swimming parties go via truck to Sunset Beach, Manila Bay. This is an entirely new recreation and attracts many patrons. There are movies every night at the barracks, at the Navy Tard, and at the Canacao Naval Hospital, The silver screen at the barracks in the open air seems to be the most attractive and at 7:15 P. M. each night there is a good gathering of service folk.

There are many interesting historical spots in and around Cavite, especially at the Navy Yard, where the American Flag was first hoisted after the Battle of Manila Bay. Most of the prominent points of interest, including Manila, can be reached over a paved highway in one hour's time.

One has only to look at the roster of Commanding Officers here to see names of many noted officers of the Corps who have been CO's at Cavite. Some of the names are as follows: Forney, Doyen, Barnett, Biddle, Mahoney, Lejeune, Karmany, Pendleton, and Dickins. The present Commanding Officer is Lt. Col. Maurice E. Shearer, a veteran of the World War and many other campaigns. Other officers of the post are: Capts Joseph M. Swinnerton, James W. Flett; 1stLt Guy B. Beatty; 2dLt Billy W. King; Ch. Mar. Gnrs. Robert C. Allan and William A. Bucklcy; Ch. Q. M. Clk. William J. Gray, and Ch. Pay Clk. William B. Denison.

Well known enlisted men who are helping to hold down the fort: 1stSgt James J. Jordan, GySgts Joseph Corny and Jess E. Fulton, Sgts Warren F. Lear, James Pavlis and Gleen A. Wheeler.

If you're ever in Manila Bay,
Take time off and come out this way.
Lots of good chow and a helping hand
And music by the Navy Yard Band.