DRAGON DAYS: Time for “Unconventional” Tactics.

With this next book in his series, H. John Poole outlines enemy capabilities and brings the reader behind the curtain in the global war on terrorism.

While America has focused on a very small portion of the global war on terrorism in Afghanistan and Iraq, we have overlooked the need to engage in the entire spectrum of the current war—the global insurgency.

Our greatest asset, the noncommissioned officer (NCO), who is the backbone of every battle, takes the fight to every enemy we’ve engaged in the modern period, and over time, continues to produce quality results. Poole recognizes this, and in his brilliant book, “Dragon Days,” focuses on the undeniable fact: NCOs win wars.

He begins this book by laying the foundation of why this war has evolved to the current conditions that we see in Iraq and Afghanistan. Bringing in all the players, Poole heightens the readers’ understanding of the enemy and builds on that foundation throughout the book.

Poole, who is an undisputed expert in both 4th Generation Warfare and the Asian culture, adds to his previous works, and again tells the reader why we’ve been successful over these many years, while not overlooking where we’ve failed.

He drives home the message that we need to prepare for the next meeting with the enemy. Poole points out that the best way to defeat the enemy is to be ready, and the best way to be ready is by training our NCO corps to the highest degree possible. From the beginning of this book, Poole teaches tactics and techniques that address the need to train our infantrymen in unconventional warfare, so that they will have the necessary tools needed to take on and defeat the global insurgency.

By focusing on the most important factor, the training of the individual fighter at the lowest leadership position, Poole decisively engages in the most important aspect of military understanding: proper training.

Poole utilizes every bit of his 30-plus years of military training, and many more years of private research, to identify our enemies’ capabilities. This book was researched in finite detail, in an effort to understand why our enemies move with such great agility. His approach and focused training methods allow the reader to understand how to counter the enemies’ capabilities and focus on the real underly­ing matter: defeat of the global insurgency.

Of the many books that I have read on these subjects, Poole’s is the most focused. Small-unit leaders throughout the free world would do great justice for the cause of freedom if they read his writings and utilize his training methods and ideologies in the training of their warriors. This book is highly recommended to those of us who serve for the greater good and are focused on the destruction of our enemies.

If you are a leader, at any level, you need to read this book and utilize it to train your warriors for the ongoing global war on terrorism.

DRAGON DAYS: Time for “Unconventional” Tactics.
By H. John Poole. Published by Posterity Press.
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