Why Us?

Marines are active, and they are active buyers. Leatherneck readers are frequent travelers, active purchasers of military and action books and videos, computers, insurance, sound equipment, and Marine memorabilia. Leatherneck readers are also active outdoorsmen who shoot, hunt, fish and go camping, and they are regular buyers and collectors of quality weapons, cutlery, sports optics,camping gear, outdoor apparel and accessories.

Advertising in Leatherneck can sell products whether they are in Marine Exchanges, retail outlets, or are being sold direct. And it can strengthen the defense advertiser's reputation with Marines in the field and former and retired Marines who are vocal supporters of the Corps.


Leatherneck, Magazine of the Marines, has been in print continuously since 1917 and is published by the Marine Corps Association at Quantico, Va. Leatherneck has more feature articles than any other Marine-oriented magazine on the market today. Paid circulation is the largest of any Marine magazine.

Leath•er•neck ((leth'er-nek')) n. Slang. 1. A U.S. Marine. [The Marine uniform originally had a leather-lined collar.] 2. The magazine of the Marines.

Since the days of the Barbary pirates, United States Marines have called themselves "leathernecks." Legend and lore have it that the term leatherneck was derived from leather neckbands worn in the late 1700s to protect Marines from the slash of the cutlass. Another more likely reason is that the high stocks were worn for discipline to keep the Marines' heads high and straight. Neither explanation has ever been verified. Whatever the reason, the name leatherneck stuck and the distinctive dress blue uniform blouse still bears a high stock collar to remind Marines of the leatherneck legacy. Read more about the magazine's legacy.



66,795 – Paid Subscriptions

1,910 – Single Copy Sales

68,705 – Total Paid Circulation

777 – Congress and DoD

69,482 – Total Monthly Circulation

3.8 – Readers Per Copy

264,032 – Total Monthly Readership


Leatherneck readers include active-duty, Reserve and retired Marines, Marine veterans, family and friends of Marines. In addition, Leatherneck is circulated among the leadership at Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps; the Department of the Navy; the Department of Defense; appropriate Congressional committees; Marine veterans in Congress and private industry.


Leatherneck is a general-interest, monthly magazine. It covers the Marine Corps of yesterday, today and tomorrow, including news and feature stories on individual Marines and units, where they serve, what they do, the training they receive, the equipment they use and the battles they fought. Its purpose is to inform, entertain and educate Marines of all ranks and ages, as well as those who are simply interested in the world’s finest fighting force. Leatherneck also provides information on programs, policies and services available to Marines, Veterans and retired Marines and family members.



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