Writing Award Winners

Writing Award
Hogaboom Award
2015 1st Place $3000 & Plaque Capt Edwin Powers Would You Follow You?
  2015 2nd Place $1500 & Plaque Capt John Bailey Interpersonal Skills Development
2015 Honorable Mention $500 & Plaque Col Michael Jernigan Combat Initiative or Combatting Initiative?
2015 Honorable Mention $500 & Plaque Capt Luis Perez Individual Accountability
2014 1st Place $3000 & Plaque Maj Carleton Forsling Instrusive Leadership: Bad by Definition
2014 2nd Place $1500 & Plaque Col Sean M. Salene The Art of Leading Up
2014 Honorable Mention $500 & Plaque Capt William A. Schick Three Principals of Leadership Success
2014 Honorable Mention $500 & Plaque Maj Matthew Ritchie Effective Leaders and the Importance of Relationships
2013 1st Place $3000 & Plaque LtCol Brian Russell Organizational-Level Leadership
2013 2nd Place $1500 & Plaque LtCol Gregory A. Thiele Professionalism
2013 Honorable Mention $500 & Plaque Col Jason Bohm Leading After War
2013 Honorable Mention $500 & Plaque 1stLt Michael E. Orzetti Junior Officership, the Sea Services, and the Grocery Store
2012 1st Place $3000 & Plaque LtCol Michael Jernigan Otis Raible Defines Leadership
2012 2nd Place $1500 & Plaque Capt Gordon Emmanuel No Combat? No Problem
2012 Honorable Mention $500 & Plaque 2ndLt Patrick Whalen Leaders of Friends
2012 Honorable Mention $500 & Plaque Capt Benjamin Stafford Genuine Concern
2011 1st Place $3000 & Plaque LtCol Michael Grice Leading with PTSD
2011 2nd Place $1500 & Plaque Capt Byron Owen A Letter to Our Young Combat Leaders
2011 Honorable Mention $ 500 & Plaque LtCol Christopher Richie SPMAGTF Leaders in Action
2010 1st Place $3,000 LtCol Timothy E. Winand The Connection
2010 2nd Place $1,500 LtCol Glen G. Butler Personal Integrity: The Heart of Marine Corps Leadership
2010 Honorable Mention $500 Capt Jonathan P. Wong Politics and Professionalism: A Cautionary Note
2009 1st Place $3,000 LtCol Glen G. Butler The Sweetest Deal Ever
2009 Honorable Mention $500 LtCol Michael Grice Leading Through Change
2009 Honorable Mention $500 Cpl David F. Wilson Becoming an Alpha Male: 5 Aspects of Leadership
2016 1st place $3,000 Capt Cory Radcliffe Marine Corps Falls Behind in Unmanned Systems
2016 2nd place $1,500 LtCol Kevin F Murray Solving the Marine Aviation Readiness Problem
2016 3rd place $500 LtCol Brian E Russell The Real Cyber Paradigm: Exploring Excess Capacity
2015 1st Place $3000 & Plaque Capt Jeffrey L Seavy A Free Lunch-Cohesion Increases Readiness and Capability
2015 2nd Place $1500 & Plaque Capt Gary Sampson Going Beyond Joint: Building Interagency Warriors
2015 Honorable Mention $500 & Plaque MSgt Russell Miller The Drywall Ceiling
2015 Honorable Mention $500 & Plaque Col Michael Jernigan & MGySgt David Prutz No Time for Sergeants
2014 1st Place $3000 & Plaque Capt Lauren Serrano Why Women Do Not Belong in the U.S. Infantry
2014 2nd Place 1500 & Plaque CWO3 Shelby Lasater Where Is My Advocate?
2014 Honorable Mention $500 & Plaque Capt Scott Kates How Effective is MCRC's Diversity "Goal?"
2013 1st Place $3000 & Plaque Maj Mitchell Rubinstein &Maj Gregory A. Thiele Air Cooperation and the Marine Corps
2013 2nd Place 1500 & Plaque Capt Katelyn van Dam For a Limited Time Only
2013 Honorable Mention $500 & Plaque Capt Gary J. Sampson China Marines Anew: It is Time for the 'China Hands' Program
2013 Honorable Mention $500 & Plaque LtCol Jeffery Tlapa Bracing for the Fiscal Drought: Reframing the Marine Corps' Business Model
2012 1st Place $3000 & Plaque LtCol Maria McMillen Seizing the Opportunity to Change: Optimizing Marine Forcesin the Pacific
2012 2nd Place $1500 & Plaque LtCol Mark Zipsie,LtCol Mark Elfers &Maj Brad Tippett Don't Accomplish Your Plan; Accomplish Your Mission
2012 Honorable Mention $500 & Plauque Maj John Jordan The Neglected Military Skill: Land Navigation
2011 1st Place $3000 & Plaque LtCol Michael Grice For a Bit of Colored Ribbon
2011 2nd Place $1500 & Plaque 2ndLt Valerie Cranmer How The Myth of our Amphibious Roots: How our Small WarsHistory has been Usurped
2011 Honorable Mention $500 & Plaque LtCol Jason Bohm &LtCol William Bowers Expeditionary Security Cooperation Teams: Assuring Influence,Leverage and Joint Operational Access
2011 Honorable Mention $500 & Plaque MSgt Russell B. Miller Marines Don't Lie, Cheat or Steal?
2009 1st Place $3,000 Maj Gregory A. Thiele The Road to Hell
2009 2nd Place $1,500 Sgt Timothy Cancutt Paying Pirates: Fire Support's Dependence on Contractors
2009 Honorable Mention $500 Capt Joe Steinfels The Feeling of Power
2009 Honorable Mention $500 SSgt Eric Guendner Retiring as Corporal?
Lt Col Earl "Pete" Ellis Essay Contest
2016 1st Place $3000 & Plaque Maj John E Kivelin III and Maj Travis C Onischuk  
2016 2nd Place $1500 & Plaque Maj Kenneth del Mazo and Maj Craig Giorgis  
2016 3rd Place $1000 & Plaque Capt Benjamin Brewster  
2015 1st Place $3000 & Plaque Maj Martin Bebell The Amphibious Tactical Air Command and Control System
2015 2nd Place $1500 & Plaque Col Michael Jernigan & LtCol Jason Cooper Innovating Forward: More Than Shiny New Technology
2015 3rd Place $1000 & Plaque Capt Kristen Colley Combined Arms Effects: Adapting Our Thinking for the Information Age and Urban Littorals
2015 Honorable Mention Plaque Maj John D Jordan Supporting a 21st Century Hue: An LCE for the Urban Littorals
2014 1st Place $5,000 & Plaque Maj Jonathan Howard Force Optimization, Regional Alignment, and Naval Integration
2014 2nd Place Plaque MSgt Russell B. Miller High Quality People
2014 Honorable Mention Plaque LtCol Adam C. Tharp  
2013 1st Place $5,000 & Plaque Lt Col Jeffery J. Tlapa Putting the Landing Force in Air Sea Battle
2012 1st Place $5000 & Plaque Col David C. Fuquea An Amphibious Manifesto for the 21St Century
2012 Honorable Mention $500 & Plaque MSgt Russell Miller The Commandant's Rheostat: Logarithmic Thinking for 2023
2012 Honorable Mention $500 & Plaque Maj John D. Jordan Every Marine a Rifleman, Every Ship an Amphibious Ship
Schulze Memorial Essay
2016   $2,000 Bruce E Bechtol Jr A Marine's Guide to North Korea
2015 Winner $2,000 N/A  
2014   $2,000 Frank Hoffman Thinking About Future Conflict
2013   $2,000 Helio Fred Garcia Communication
2012   $2,000 Col Mark Cancian Amphibious Operations in an Age of Austerity
2011   $2,000 Robert K. Dobson The Marine Corps and the Coming Fiscal Reality
2010   $2,000 Michael O'Hanlon Be All The Army Can't or Won't Be
2009   $2,000 Frank Hoffman What Pete Ellis Might Think About Today
SgtMaj of Marine Corps
2015 Winner $1000 & Plaque MGySgt Charles A Walker Establishing Credibility
  2014   $1000 & Plaque SgtMaj James D. Willeford What is a MIlitary Professional?
2013   $1000 & Plaque MGySgt Charles A. Walker Postcombat Residue
2012   $1000 & Plaque MGySgt Robert D. Chaldekas Contractor Dependency
Parry Award
2015 Winner $1000 & Plaque Capt Travis Barksdale KILSWITCH and the way ahead
  2013   $ 1057.69 & Plaque LtCol John F. Carson &LtCol Christopher Bronzi The Regimental Effects Operations Center Enhancing SituationalAwareness and Achieving Unity of Effort in Non-Kinetics
2011   $1000 & Plaque Sgt Michael Hanson COIN Perspectives
Kiser Award
2016 1st Place $3000 & Plaque Maj Carleton Forsling, USMC (Ret) Investing in Marines Gets the Best Return
    2nd Place $1500 & Plaque Capt Mark Rothrock, USMC Preparing for the Future: A Discourse on Readying the Marine Corps for Irregular Warfare
  Honorable Mention $500 & Plaque Matthew Ormsbee, Esq The New Approach: How the US Marine Corps Will Remain First to Fight in Irregular Warfare
  Honorable Mention $500 & Plaque Capt Brett Friedman, USMCR False Choice: Dispelling the Conventional/Irregular Debate