Writing Award Winners

Writing Award Year Award Prize Recipient Name Article Title
Hogaboom 2012 1st Place $3000 & Plaque LtCol Michael Jernigan Otis Raible Defines Leadership
  2012 2nd Place $1500 & Plaque Capt Gordon Emmanuel No Combat? No Problem
  2012 Honorable Mention $500 & Plaque 2ndLt Patrick Whalen Leaders of Friends
  2012 Honorable Mention $500 & Plaque Capt Benjamin Stafford Genuine Concern
  2011 1st Place $3000 & Plaque LtCol Michael Grice Leading with PTSD
  2011 2nd Place $1500 & Plaque Capt Byron Owen A Letter to Our Young Combat Leaders
  2011 Honorable Mention $ 500 & Plaque LtCol Christopher Richie SPMAGTF Leaders in Action
  2010 1st Place $3,000 LtCol Timothy E. Winand The Connection
  2010 2nd Place $1,500 LtCol Glen G. Butler Personal Integrity: The Heart of Marine Corps Leadership
  2010 Honorable Mention $500 Capt Jonathan P. Wong Politics and Professionalism: A Cautionary Note
  2009 1st Place $3,000 LtCol Glen G. Butler The Sweetest Deal Ever
  2009 Honorable Mention $500 LtCol Michael Grice Leading Through Change
  2009 Honorable Mention $500 Cpl David F. Wilson Becoming an Alpha Male - 5 Aspects of Leadership
Chase 2013 1st Place $3000 & Plaque Maj Mitchell Rubinstein &
Maj Gregory A. Thiele
Air Cooperation and the Marine Corps
  2013 2nd Place 1500 & Plaque Capt Katelyn van Dam For a Limited Time Only
  2013 Honorable Mention $500 & Plaque Capt Gary J. Sampson China Marines Anew: It is Time for the 'China Hands' Program
  2013 Honorable Mention $500 & Plaque LtCol Jeffery Tlapa Bracing for the Fiscal Drought: Reframing the Marine Corps' Business Model
  2012 1st Place $3000 & Plaque LtCol Maria McMillen Seizing the Opportunity to Change: Optimizing Marine Forces
in the Pacific
  2012 2nd Place $1500 & Plaque LtCol Mark Zipsie,
LtCol Mark Elfers &
Maj Brad Tippett
Don't Accomplish Your Plan; Accomplish Your Mission
  2012 Honorable Mention $500 & Plauque Maj John Jordan The Neglected Military Skill: Land Navigation
  2011 1st Place $3000 & Plaque LtCol Michael Grice For a Bit of Colored Ribbon
  2011 2nd Place $1500 & Plaque 2ndLt Valerie Cranmer How The Myth of our Amphibious Roots: How our Small Wars
History has been Usurped
  2011 Honorable Mention $500 & Plaque LtCol Jason Bohm &
LtCol William Bowers
Expeditionary Security Cooperation Teams: Assuring Influence,
Leverage and Joint Operational Access
  2011 Honorable Mention $500 & Plaque MSgt Russell B. Miller Marines Don't Lie, Cheat or Steal?
  2009 1st Place $3,000 Maj Gregory A. Thiele The Road to Hell
  2009 2nd Place $1,500 Sgt Timothy Cancutt Paying Pirates: Fire Support's Dependence on Contractors
  2009 Honorable Mention $500 Capt Joe Steinfels The Feeling of Power
  2009 Honorable Mention $500 SSgt Eric Guendner Retiring as Corporal?
Lt Col Earl “Pete” Ellis Essay Contest 2013 1st Place $5,000 & Plaque Lt Col Jeffery J. Tlapa Putting the Landing Force in Air Sea Battle
  2012 1st Place $5000 & Plaque Col David C. Fuquea An Amphibious Manifesto for the 21st Century
  2012 Honorable Mention $500 & Plaque MSgt Russell Miller The Commandant's Rheostat: Logarithmic Thinking for 2023
  2012 Honorable Mention $500 & Plaque Maj John D. Jordan Every Marine a Rifleman, Every Ship an Amphibious Ship
Schulze Memorial Essay 2012   $2,000 Col Mark Cancian Amphibious Operations in an Age of Austerity
  2011   $2,000 Robert K. Dobson The Marine Corps and the Coming Fiscal Reality
  2010   $2,000 Michael O'Hanlon Be All The Army Can't or Won't Be
  2009   $2,000 Frank Hoffman What Pete Ellis Might Think About Today
SgtMaj of Marine Corps 2013   $1000 & Plaque MGySgt Robert D. Chaldekas Contractor Dependency
Parry Award 2013   $ 1057.69 & Plaque LtCol John F. Carson &
LtCol Christopher Bronzi
The Regimental Effects Operations Center Enhancing Situational
Awareness and Achieving Unity of Effort in Non-Kinetics
  2011   $1000 & Plaque Sgt Michael Hanson COIN Perspectives