TDG 10-4: Solution A

Battalion S–2 (Intelligence) Officer: “Tell 2d Platoon I need a point of contact with the local security forces so I can meet with them. Also, tell them to give the EPWs (enemy prisoners of war) the same medical care our own guys get. I want to try to use them to establish contact with the enemy commander so we can attempt to arrange a cease-fire.”

You make a mental note to ask the commanding officer for support in trying to obtain a cease-fire with the enemy. That would be the most effective way to deescalate local violence.

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You also ask him to let the EPWs go home after their wounds are sufficiently healed. They will carry your request for a meeting to arrange a cease-fire, and their release itself will send a peaceful message to whatever clan they come from. Meanwhile, you head to the casualty reception point to ensure that the EPWs get the best possible medical care and to try to talk with them. It is equally important the wounded civilians receive the best possible care. Tomorrow you will get word out locally about how both the wounded civilians and the EPWs were treated. You will also meet with the leaders of the allied local security force. They might prove to be your best local source of information.