Subic Bay Closes

Originally Published November 1992

The largest overseas U.S. Naval base, U.S. Naval Station Subic Bay, Republic of the Philippines (RP), was disestablished on 30 September 1992 after 47 years of service to the U.S. Pacific Fleet following the year-old decision by the Philippine Senate to strike down the long-standing U.S./R.P. Military Bases Agreement of 1947. The majority of the over 550 Marines originally assigned to the Marine Barracks at Subic Bay still remain, as they continue to provide security for any vital U.S. property and personnel in the Subic Bay vicinity.

In recent years the United States had seven military bases located on Luzon, the largest and most populated island in the Philippines. But with the closing of the naval station, only Naval Air Station Cubi Point remains as the last U.S. facility in the Philippines. A closing ceremony will be scheduled during late November or early December when all U.S. forces will leave the Philippines, to include any remaining Marines. The Marine Barracks is scheduled to be disestablished on 31 December.

The U.S. Naval Ship Repair Facility (SRF), located aboard the naval station, was also disestablished. During its 38 years, the SRF has had the reputation for accomplishing almost any task that could be done at any stateside shipyard-from major structural repair of a ship's hull to the complete overhaul of a ship's engines.