New Corporals Course DEP

Feb. 22, 2012:

The Corporals Course provides Marine Corps Corporals with additional knowledge and skills necessary to assume leadership roles of greater responsibility as a non-commissioned officer.  Instruction places emphasis on leadership development and warfighting.  It is designed to provide learners with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to become successful small-unit leaders using authentic problem-based situations that a Marine Corporal will encounter.

The Corporals Course Distance Education Program (DEP) is a curriculum of seven courses: Marine NCO, Leadership Tools and Techniques, Land Navigation, Operations (which contains warfighting and operational cultural), Offensive Operations, Combat Orders, and Defensive Operations.  The primary target audience for this course is Marine Corporals from all military occupational specialties with varying levels of operational experience.

Upon completion of the 30-hour Corporals Course DEP, Marines will have a greater knowledge of their role in the mentoring program and personnel administration.  Corporals will become familiar with the tactics and concepts of maneuver warfare and their application to offensive and defensive operations at the fire team and squad level.  They will be better prepared to assist Marines dealing with those issues facing today's Marine Corps and to pass on the history, customs, and traditions which sustain the Corps' heritage.  The Corporals Course DEP provides additional skills and confidence to make sound, ethical decisions and to lead Marines in combat and in garrison.

In accordance with ALMAR 026/10, completion of a command-sponsored Corporals Course or the Corporals Course DEP will be required for promotion to Sergeant.  To provide commands and individual Marines the time to manage their education requirements, neither the command-sponsored Corporals Course nor the Corporals Course DEP will be required for promotion to Sergeant until after the expected date of 01 Oct 2013.  The official date will be communicated via MARADMIN.  

Corporals, the backbone of the Marine Corps, are well served by either attending the command-sponsored Corporals Course or completing the Corporals Course DEP.  Enrollment will be available to Lance Corporals that have already completed the Leading Marines DEP and all Corporals and above.  Use course code EPME4000AA.

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