Leading Marines Distance Education Program

The College of Distance Education and Training (CDET) is pleased to announce the activation of the new Leading Marines Distance Education Program.  This course has been developed as an Interactive Multimedia Instruction to assist our Marines in developing the leadership skills required of Marine Corporals.

Leading Marines is the foundation of our enlisted Professional Military Education (PME) program.  CDET, in cooperation with the Enlisted PME Branch of the Marine Corps University and the Lejeune Leadership Institute has developed the Leading Marines Distance Education Program (DEP).  This DEP serves as the foundation of the Marine Corps’ Enlisted PME continuum, and prepares Marines for the responsibilities of being a non-commissioned officer.  Leading Marines facilitates the development of requisite leadership skills and is the PME requirement for Marines in the rank of Lance Corporal – the Marine Corps’ future leaders. 

The new Leading Marines DEP is now available on MarineNet and is a revision of the Leading Marines MCI (0037) with five new lessons and 24 new topics.  The Leading Marines DEP is designed to meet the Marine Corps’ requirements for a Marine’s performance in current and future operational environments.  Additionally, the course will enhance the Marine’s ability to think critically and make sound, ethical decisions.  The program consists of four sub-courses:  Developing Leaders; Leadership Tools; Counseling, Coaching, and Mentoring; Command and Military Organization.   

Enrollment is open to all active duty and reserve Marines LCpls and above by searching Course Name:  “Leading Marines” or Course Code: “EPME3000AA.”  If there are any questions, please contact the College of Distance Education and Training: 1.888.4DL.USMC (1.888.435.8762).

For more information see MARADMIN 640/10.