January 2012 Combat Awards


Note: The award records in the Marine Corps' Award Processing System (APS) and Improved Awards processing System (iAPS) were used to populate this list, which reflects personal combat awards from the start of GWOT presented to Marines and Sailors serving with USMC forces only. This list may not reflect certain personal combat awards processed outside of either system and/or approved by another branch of Service. Any questions on the content of the list should be submitted in writing to the Personal Awards Section (MMMA-2) at: Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps, Manpower Management Division, MMMA-2, 3280 Russell Road, Quantico VA 22134.

Bronze Star With Combat "V"

Cavasos Jr, Freddie Sgt 3/5 1st MarDiv
  Coyne Jr, Bernard J SSgt 7th ESB 1st MLG
  Decker, Jonathan D Sgt 3/5 1st MarDiv
  Dempsey, Jason S GySgt 3/7 1st MarDiv
  Dignan, David J SSgt 7th ESB 1st MLG
  Esrey, Christopher Z Capt 3/5 1st MarDiv
  Gregory, Robert D Sgt 3/5 1st MarDiv
  Jacks, Adam M Sgt 3/8 2d MarDiv
  Johnson, Nickoli C Capt 3/5 1st MarDiv
  Kakas, Christopher J 1stLt 3/5 1st MarDiv
  Key, Jonathan C SSgt 7th ESB 1st MLG
  McConnell, Dayton C Sgt 3/5 1st MarDiv
  McKie, Everald M SSgt 7th ESB 1st MLG
  Melendez, Jorge 1STSgt 3/5 1st MarDiv
  Rain, Robert E 1stLt 1/8 2d MarDiv
  Stephens, Paul J LCpl 3/6 2d MarDiv
  Temerlin, Steve Capt 3d Mar Regt 3d MarDiv
  Whidden, James D SSgt 7th ESB 1st MLG
  Wiggins, Cassell J Sgt 3/5 1st MarDiv

Bronze Star

Benton Jr, Marlin C LtCol Hqtrs MarFOR CENTCOM
  Bunch, Victor J LtCol MEF Hqtrs Grp I MEF
  Canfield Jr, Daniel T LtCol 8th Mar Regt 2d MarDiv
  Carlton, Mark E Maj 3/5 1st MarDiv
  Charron, Richard M SgtMaj 7th ESB 1st MLG
  Conner, Christopher S Maj 2d LAR Bn 2d MarDiv
  Doan, Jackson T Maj 3/4 1st MarDiv
  Hollopeter, Geoffry M Capt 3/4 1st MarDiv
  Lewis, Ansil SgtMaj 1/12 3d MarDiv
  Martin, James M Maj 1/12 3d MarDiv
  Mowery, Matthew T LtCol 2d MAW (Fwd), II MEF
  Nicks, Troy A 1STSgt 3/8 2d MarDiv
  Piddock, Robert C LtCol 8th Mar Regt 2d MarDiv
  Quehl, Eric R LtCol 2d MarDiv (Fwd)
  Rafael, Fernando GySgt 3/5 1st MarDiv
  Riordan, Sean M LtCol RCT-5
  Ruble, David A MSgt 2/8 2d MarDiv
  Sokol, Blair J LtCol 2d MarDiv (Fwd)
  Torres, Ruben M 1STSgt 2/8 2d MarDiv
  Wheeler, Brian D SSgt 2d Intel Bn II MEF
  Zink, Russell T LtCol 1/23 4th MarDiv

Navy and Marine Corps
Commendation With Combat "V"

Arnett, Thomas R Sgt CLB 6 CLR 2 2d MLG
  Boulan, Ryan L Cpl 2/4 1st MarDiv
  Brokaw, Mark W Sgt 3/5 1st MarDiv
  Cox, Joshua S 1stLt MEF Hqtrs Grp I MEF
  Donato, Anthony P SSgt 3/8 2d MarDiv
  Dwyer, Liam T Sgt 8th Mar Regt 2d MarDiv
  Fromm, Bradley C 1stLt 3/5 1st MarDiv
  Garcia, Daniel G SSgt 3/5 1st MarDiv
  Gonzalezvasallo, Yoseph Cpl 1/6 2d MarDiv
  Grell, Kolbe E 1stLt 3/5 1st MarDiv
  Gutowski, Rory Z Cpl 3/8 2d MarDiv
  Henley, Timothy C SSgt 3/5 1st MarDiv
  Hernandez, David C SSgt 3/5 1st MarDiv
  Jefferson, Madison J Cpl 1/5 1st MarDiv
  Krebs, Kevin T Sgt Hqtrs Bn 2d MLG (Fwd)
  Larrea, Cesar L SSgt 1/5 1st MarDiv
  Lombard Jr, Raymond C GySgt 1/9 2d MarDiv
  Manoukian, Matthew P Capt 1st Mar SPEC OPS Bn MarForSOC
  Matos, Israel J Sgt 3/4 1st MarDiv
  McNally, Jared W Cpl 1/5 1st MarDiv
  Morales, Nicholas M 1stLt 3/5 1st MarDiv
  Mullins, Gregory J SSgt 7th ESB 1st MLG
  O'Donnell, Benjamin J 1stLt 1/5 1st MarDiv
  Parker, Jonathan R Capt 2/8 2d MarDiv
  Pinedo, Michael A Sgt 1/5 1st MarDiv
  Praxedes, Thomas S SSgt 1/5 1st MarDiv
  Raper, Jesse J Cpl 3/8 2d MarDiv
  Ray, Jeffrey S SSgt 2d MLG (Fwd)
  Rickabaugh, Brad W GySgt 3/8 2d MarDiv
  Robert, Daniel P Sgt 3/5 1st MarDiv
  Schramm, Benjamin T 1stLt 2d Maint Bn CLR 25 2d MLG
  Stewart, Scott A Capt 1st ANGLICO MHG I MEF
  Tucker, Kevin S Cpl 3d Recon Bn 3d MarDiv
  Vandenberg, Brian T 1stLt 1/5 1st MarDiv
  Vose, Jason C Maj Marine Corps Recruiting Com (MCRC)
  Wheeler, Chase B 1stLt 2d CEB 2d MarDiv
  Williams, Jeffrey C GySgt Hqtrs USMC
  Wodrich, Corey E GySgt 2d CEB 2d MarDiv

Navy and Marine Corps
Achievement With Combat "V"

Ashe, Philip M SSgt 1st Mar SPEC OPS Bn MarForSOC
  Bailey, Anthony E Sgt 2d MLG (Fwd)
  Beltram, Samuel A Sgt 3/8 2d MarDiv
  Boothroyd, Paul R Sgt 3/8 2d MarDiv
  Boyd, Kevin C Sgt 2d Recon Bn 2d MarDiv
  Bradley, Steven J Cpl 3/2 2d MarDiv
  Burch II, Edwin A SSgt 2d ANGLICO MHG II MEF
  Burd, Derron M Cpl 3/8 2d MarDiv
  Celona, John J Sgt 2d Recon Bn 2d MarDiv
  Chavez, Jason A LCpl 2/4 1st MarDiv
  Coxwell, Garrett Z Cpl 3/8 2d MarDiv
  Davis, Ryan J SN 3/7 1st MarDiv
  Ehly, Ehren L Sgt 3/5 1st MarDiv
  Faust, Colin C Cpl 3/5 1st MarDiv
  Garner, David P Cpl 3/8 2d MarDiv
  Haggerty, Travis I LCpl 3/5 1st MarDiv
  Hamilton, Joseph B Capt 1st ANGLICO MHG I MEF
  Hanson, Joseph S 1stLt 3/4 1st MarDiv
  Hubbard II, Michael P 2dLt 1/9 2d MarDiv
  Hur, Richard H Cpl 3/5 1st MarDiv
  Jack, Alex M Sgt 3/4 1st MarDiv
  Kelly, Steven J Cpl 3/5 1st MarDiv
  Maltais, Andrew T SN RCT-5
  Mazza, Corey G 1stLt 1/5 1st MarDiv
  McNulty, Timothy M 1stLt 3d Recon Bn 3d MarDiv
  McWhorter, Samuel W LCpl Hqtrs Bn 2d MLG (Fwd)
  Moore II, Jeffery D Cpl 2d CEB 2d MarDiv
  Myers, Joseph B Sgt 3/5 1st MarDiv
  Ochoa, Hector Sgt 1/5 1st MarDiv
  O'Donnell, Andrew W 1stLt 1/5 1st MarDiv
  Ortiz, Angel D Sgt 1/5 1st MarDiv
  Overstreet, Zachary W LCpl 1/9 2d MarDiv
  Pelusio, Nicholas D Cpl 1/5 1st MarDiv
  Peterson, Dylan T LCpl 3/5 1st MarDiv
  Phillips, Chad B Sgt 3/4 1st MarDiv
  Potts, Ryan S Sgt 7th ESB 1st MLG
  Price, Michael W Sgt 1/5 1st MarDiv
  Pruitt, Christopher L GySgt 3/4 1st MarDiv
  Pursley, Tristan B Cpl 3/8 2d MarDiv
  Rojas Jr, Fernando Sgt 1st ANGLICO MHG I MEF
  Romero, Mitchell C Cpl 1/5 1st MarDiv
  Scott, Matthew R LCpl 1/5 1st MarDiv
  Shaffer, Kirk H Cpl 3d Recon Bn 3d MarDiv
  Sierra, Victor M Cpl 1/5 1st MarDiv
  Stark, Aaron J LCpl Hqtrs Bn 2d MLG (Fwd)
  Stowers, Joshua K LCpl 1/5 1st MarDiv
  Stringer, James A PO3 RCT-5
  Sundell, Benjamin S SSgt 3/4 1st MarDiv
  Tekleab, Tinsea E PO2 8th Mar Regt 2d MarDiv
  White, Jason E Sgt RCT-5
  Yoo, Edward L 2dLt 1/6 2d MarDiv