College Of Distance Education And Training Announces New IMVOC Curriculum

Apr. 9, 2012:

The College of Distance Education and Training has partnered once again with the Marine Corps Detachment, Motor Transport Instruction Company, Fort Leonard Wood, MO, to develop the new and improved HMMWV Expanded Capability Vehicle (ECV) Incidental Motor Vehicle Operators Course (IMVOC) curriculum on MarineNet.

This revised HMMWV/ECV IMVOC 35IMVOHV00 curriculum is replacing the previous HMMWV IMVOC courses for incidental licensing of tactical motor vehicles. The revision condenses the current seven modules to five, while incorporating numerous improvements and upgrades.  The revised course also integrates the next generation of HMMWV/ECV, while addressing enhanced features such as armor kits, weapons stations, gunner restraint systems, and other vehicle modifications. This updated training package will allow a unit to streamline its incidental licensing process by having students complete the classroom requirements online. The revised content and interactive multimedia instruction provides students the same learning they would experience in a classroom setting.

This curriculum will also maintain the integrity of the training requirements outlined in the Motor Vehicle Licensing Official’s Manual (TM 11240-15/3_).  This manual requires successful completion of the appropriate MarineNet courseware as a prerequisite to obtaining a learner's permit for incidental motor vehicle operation. The five courses included in this curriculum (Introduction to the M-Series Vehicle, Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services, Operation Under Usual Conditions, Operator Maintenance Tasks, and Operation Under Unusual Conditions) fulfill that requirement, providing incidental operators with preliminary training in the basic operation and operator-level maintenance of the full range of HMMWV variants.  To complete the curriculum, students must pass the practice test and final exam. Once the curriculum has been completed, learners must also complete the "behind-the-wheel" practical application portion prior to receiving a license.

Effective late April or early May 2012, the previous HMMWV IMVOC courses (3503AO0000-3509AO0000) will be discontinued. Students have a chance to complete all seven courses before they are discontinued. Students who do not complete the courses will be disenrolled and can reenroll in the new HMMWV/ECV IMVOC 35IMVOHV00 curriculum.

This new curriculum is now available on MarineNet by searching for curriculum code 35IMVOHV00. Enrollment is open to all active duty and reserve Marines.  For further questions and information, please contact the College of Distance Education and Training at 1.800.992.9210 or the MarineNet Help Desk at 1.888.4DL.USMC (1.888.435.8762).