The Sand Table: Volume 1, Issue 11

August, 2018

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Fellow Marines and GCE Community of Interest, 

Greetings from MCTOG. For those I haven’t met, I was honored to take command of MCTOG from Colonel Tim Barrick on 10 August 2018. I cannot say enough about how much Tim did to advance this organization and set its direction for the future. The energy and passion he put into MCTOG is evident. The professionalism and skill of the MCTOG staff is first rate and I’m humbled to be part of the team. 

When Colonel Barrick handed over The Sand Table, he encouraged me to take a look at both frequency and content. Specifically, is it time to move to a quarterly distribution rather than monthly? While we occasionally get feedback from the GCE Community of Interest relative to a specific article, we are definitely not flooded with contrarian or complimentary responses. If The Sand Table is meant to stimulate thought and provoke debate, we can presume we accomplish the former, but cannot validate the latter. 

I need your help. Please give us feedback. I am attempting to balance the time spent researching and writing among our team with the value proposition we provide in each issue. If a quarterly distribution will “scratch the itch” and facilitate thought and debate on the emerging dialogues we need to have as a community, please come up on the net and let us know. If you have other input, let us know. MCTOG will serve the GCE based on the guidance of senior leaders, but informed by feedback from each of you. 

Again, I’m excited to serve as the commander of MCTOG. I realize the benefit we provide the GCE and the MAGTF, and the expectations you have of us. Between TMIC courses (individual) and Battle Staff Training (collective), along with Unit Readiness Planning and Network Engagement, we will give all we’ve got to ensure our GCE is supported, challenged, and provided with realistic and dynamic opportunities to learn as professionals. I look forward to serving with all of you. 

Spartan 6 

Col Greg Poland, USMC 

Commanding Officer 

Marine Corps Tactics and Operations Group