The Marine Corps Gazette: Since 1916 the Professional Journal of U.S. Marines


To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas that will advance knowledge, interest and esprit in the Marine Corps.


Invite debate from our readers on the important issues facing the Marine Corps today.  The Gazette is of, by, and for Marines.  We use a combination of solicitation for articles, writing contests, and unsolicited manuscripts that come our way.  Occasionally we will reprint articles from other professional journals.


The Marine Corps Gazette was the vehicle used by then Col John A. Lejeune to establish the Marine Corps Association as the professional organization for all Marines and to establish a venue to debate issues of importance to the Corps and disseminate military art and science to association members. The first issue was published in March of 1916 and we continue to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas as envisioned by Gen Lejeune. Gazette was published quarterly from 1916 through 1942, bi-monthly in 1943, and monthly since January 1944. We had active duty editorial staff from the beginning in 1916 through a change in the law in 1976. Since November 2006, the entire Gazette is available on-line to members.