October 2018

Special Notices

General Officer AnnouncementsBAE Receives ACV Contract
Volume 102, Issue 10

Marine Forces Resercve G-9 Staff

Capt Brent “Wheeler” L. Kreckman

General Officer Announcements

On 22 August, Secretary of Defense James N. Mattis announced that President Donald J. Trump had made the following nomination:

LtGen Kenneth F. McKenzie, Jr., for appointment to the rank of general and assignment as Commander, U.S. Central Command. LtGen McKenzie is currently the Director, Joint Staff, Washington, DC.

LtGen Kenneth F. McKenzie, Jr.

BAE Receives ACV Contract

Marine Corps SBAE Receives ACV Contractystems Command awarded a contract to BAE Systems to produce amphibious combat vehicles (ACVs). The company will build 30 low-rate production vehicles and will start delivering them in the fall of 2019. These vehicles will begin the transition of a portion of the AAV fleet.

The ACV is an eight-wheeled vehicle that will provide protection similar to the MRAP. It will be outfitted with a precision weapons station for enhanced lethality and a robust swim capability so that it can operate within the littorals and beyond.

I MEF will be the first to receive the new ACV when fielding starts in the fourth quarter of 2020. Full operational capability is scheduled for 2023.

Portions of this special notice were taken from the marines.mil article by Kaitlin Kelly, Marine Corps Systems Command.