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Upcoming Reunions

Plt 3041, San Diego, 1968

July 2018

Contact Dan Kirkman, (206) 383-9018

[email protected]

F/2/7 and H/2/1 (1965-1966)

July 15-20, Colorado Springs, CO

Contact Ron Gryn, (352) 638-2872, [email protected]

1/27 (1stMarDiv FMF, RVN, 50th Anniversary Reunion- all other 27th Marines battalions welcome)

July 18-22, 2018, Alexandria, VA

Contact Felix Salmeron, (489) 583-0191, [email protected]


Aug. 8-11, Colorado Springs, CO

Contact Tom Boyle, (319) 631-1912

[email protected]

Marine Barracks NWS Yorktown

Aug. 10-12, Yorktown, VA

Contact David Greene, [email protected]

K/3/7 (all eras)

Aug. 12-16, Savannah, GA

Contact Bill Gerke, (631) 433-8575, [email protected]

Subic Bay Marines Survivors

Aug. 22-26, Nashville, TN

Contact A.J. Allen, (208) 941-3345

[email protected]

USS John R. Craig (DD-885)

Sept. 5-9, Bloomington, MN

Contact Jerry Chwalek, 9307 Louisiana St., Livonia, MI 48150

(734) 525-1469, [email protected]

1/3 (all eras)

Sept. 11-16, Colorado Springs, CO

Contact Don Bumgarner, (562) 897-2437

[email protected]

USS Hornet (CV-8/CV/CVA/ CVS-12)

Sept. 19-23, Mobile, AL

Contact Sandy Burket, P.O. Box 108, Roaring Spring, PA 16673

(814) 224-5063, [email protected],

7th Engineer Bn Vietnam Veterans Assn.

Sept. 20-23, New Orleans, LA

Contact Norm Johnson, 6100 Cochrane Rd., Marlette, MI 48453,

(989) 635-6653, [email protected]

Marine Corps Engineer Assn.

Sept. 26-29, San Diego, CA

Maj Charlie Dismore, USMC (Ret)

(512) 394-9333,

2/3 (RVN)

Sept. 26-29, Colorado Springs, CO

Contact Art Ferguson, (623) 780-1819

[email protected]

Plt 1096, San Diego, 1968

Oct. 4-8, San Diego, CA

Contact Dan Hefner, (312) 504-4658

[email protected]

USS Iwo Jima (LPH-2/LHD-7)

Oct. 10-13, Jacksonville, FL

Contact Robert G. McAnally, 152 Frissell St., Hampton, VA 23663

757) 723-0317, [email protected]

“Stormy’s” 3/3 (1960-62)

Oct. 15-19, Las Vegas, NV

Contact Burrell Landes, 2610 West Long Circle, Littleton, CO 80120

(303) 734-1458, [email protected]

Marine Air Groups Reunion WWII to Present

Oct. 17-20, Branson, MO

Contact  Jerry Gipe, [email protected]

Joseph Mowry, [email protected]

105th OCC, 1st Plt, Co C, December 1977 (staff NCOs, officers and commissioning female Marines)

Oct. 18-21, Quantico, VA

Contact Debbie Thurman, (434) 929-6320

[email protected]

TBS Class 3-67/41st OCC

Nov. 15-18, New Orleans, LA

Contact Fred Lash, (703) 644-5132, [email protected]

Plt 1018, San Diego, 1968 (50th anniversary)

Planning a Reunion in Salem, OR

Contact Dan Stombaugh, (541) 606-0398, [email protected]  

Plt 1059, San Diego, 1967 

Planning a Reunion

Contact Dave Jamieson, (805) 896-7404 [email protected]

Plt 98, Parris Island, 1948

Planning a Reunion

Contact SSgt Jim Proulx, USMC (Ret), (904) 343-4850, [email protected]

1st Provisional Marine Brigade (“The Fire Brigade,” Korea, 1950) 

Planning a 65th Anniversary Reunion.

Contact Col Warren Wiedhahn, USMC (Ret), (703) 590-1295, [email protected]

TBS, Co K, 9-68

Planning a Reunion

Contact Jim Stiger, (206) 999-1029, [email protected]

Plt 2086, San Diego, 1966

Planning a Reunion

Contact Bill Kennedy, (707) 527-8319, [email protected]

Plt 244, Parris Island, 1967

Planning a Reunion

Contact former Sgt J.D. Croom III, (704) 965-8521, [email protected]

Plt 266, Parris Island, 1962

Planning a Reunion

Contact Donald A. Welch, (607) 256-0554, [email protected]

Plt 431, Parris Island, 1945

Planning a Reunion

Contact 1stSgt George P. Cavros, USMC (Ret), (262) 782-7813, [email protected]

Plt 2023, San Diego, 1983

Planning a Reunion

Contact Jeffrey R. Johnson, [email protected]

Plt 2077, San Diego, 1966

Planning a Reunion

Contact SgtMaj Raymond Edwards, USMC (Ret), [email protected]

TBS, Co F, 6-79

Planning a Reunion

Contact LtCol Tom Conners, USMC (Ret), (919) 303-2697, (919) 418-5757, [email protected]

“Kilo” Co (Plts 277, 278, 279 and 280), Parris Island, 1961

Planning a Reunion

Contact MSgt Martin D. Smith, USMC (Ret), (540) 720-3653, [email protected]

Plt 171, Parris Island, 1966

Planning a Reunion 

Contact J.P. Kuchar, (732) 549-6468, [email protected]

Plt 245, San Diego, 1965

Planning a Reunion

Contact David S. Alvarez, (209) 735-2601, [email protected]

Plt 340, Parris Island, 1963

Planning a Reunion

Contact Garrett W. Silvia, (508) 992-7392, [email protected]

Plt 1040, San Diego, 1968

Planning a Reunion

Contact Stephen Norpel, (563) 451-8417, [email protected]

Plt 4035, “Papa” Co, Parris Island, 2000

Planning a Reunion

Contact Tammy (Manyik) Epperson, (571) 451-7263, [email protected]

Plt 2030, Parris Island, 1965-66

Planning a Reunion

Contact John E. Lyford, (518) 654-6073, [email protected]

B/1/5 and C/1/5 (RVN, 1966-67)

Planning a Reunion

Contact SSgt Jim Proulx, USMC (Ret), (904) 343-4850, [email protected]

Plt 3042, San Diego, 1968

Planning a Reunion

Contact Gary Berry, (614) 679-1499, [email protected]

Warrant Officer Screening Course, 1st Plt, Co D, January 1974

Planning a Reunion

Contact Capt Joseph C. Chiles, USMC (Ret), (619) 729-9562, [email protected]

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