Blog for MCA


The majority of our blogs focus on Marine-related subjects and people. If you are considering blogging for the MCA, please have this audience in mind.

We are looking for exceptional content. There are many sites people can go to, so the MCA blogs need to stand out from the rest: either content that can be found nowhere else, a ‘voice’ that people can’t wait to hear from again or perhaps insightful thoughts on controversial topics.

Exceptional content draws many readers, and hopefully a lot of interaction with them. We don’t just want our blogs to be read. We want people and topics that can initiate lively and ongoing discussions. In other words, we want the readers to be engaged, and want to participate – your style and substance should hook them!

We do not require Bloggers to post every day, or even every week. However, we’d like some regularity so readers will know to come back frequently. This also lends to engagement.

We do not normally read Blogs before they are posted, so we require Bloggers with strong writing ability and efficient editing skills.


When first contacting us, please provide some basic information: Who you are; your past experience and/or service which has made you an ‘expert’ on your topic; what your topic IS; and any links to samples on the Internet (if you do not have anything published on the Internet yet, we may ask you to submit samples via email).

If we think there’s potential, we will contact you via email. Please provide an up-to-date email address with your initial query. If we aren’t sold on your original idea, but think there may be something we can work on together, we might contact you with some suggestions, or even ideas that we’d like you to consider.

Please send inquiries and submissions to: Bradley Kirkland (b.kirkland at