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Beth Crumley - Research Historian - Mondays

Steven Pressfield - Best Selling Author/Historian - Mondays

Bianca Strzalkowski - USMC and Military Spouse of the year 2011 - Tues/Thursdays

Donna Jones - Officer Spouse - Various

Andrew Lubin - Author, Embed Journalist - Thursdays

Jessica Bass - USMC Spouse, Aspiring USMC Officer - Various

Walter McTernan - Lt. Col, USMC - Fridays

Allan C Bevilacqua - Maj, USMC (Ret) - Leather­neck Contributing Editor - Thursdays

Michael Grice - LtCol USMC (Ret-soon) - Wednesdays/Fridays

We created this area in order to provide a professional forum to discuss USMC-related subjects, closely adhering to our mission of “To foster the spirit and preserve the traditions of the Marine Corps…”. Although our Blog volunteers might initiate these discussions through their blogs, the continued interaction between them, and everyone within our online community, is vital.

It is our intention to attract people knowledgeable about and interested in the Marine Corps, to share their thoughts here. We would like to offer the widest and most thought-provoking discussions, creating the most robust and participatory place where such conversations can be had on the Internet!

You do not need to be a member of the MCA to participate or comment, but you must register online with our sites.

While the Marine Corps Association may not actively support, or agree with the opinions expressed here – by bloggers and/or community members – we support the free sharing of observations and opinions. We encourage the exploration of new ideas, the divergence of competing opinions and open and honest discourse.

To that end, please see our Terms of Use, which outlines the spirit we’d like both bloggers and community members to uphold. We all get passionate, that is understood! However, please respect one another … there are plenty of other sites out there where you can say anything to anyone and it is seen as acceptable. Not here.

We’d like to set the example for how professional, enlightening, impassioned and at times controversial discussions can be held.

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