Download a timeline of our history "The Marine Corps Association — A Century of Service"


The Marine Corps Association was formed at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba on 25 April 1913, by Marines of the 2d Provisional Brigade.  John A. Lejeune, then a lieutenant colonel, headed the MCA&F’s first executive committee.  In a statement signed by members of the committee, Lejeune and his fellow officers declared the MCA&F would publish the history of the Marine Corps and disseminate “…information concerning the aims, purposes and deeds of the Corps, and the interchange of ideas for the betterment and improvement of its officers and men…”  That objective continues to drive the Association today and the creation of the Marine Corps Association Foundation in 2009 allows MCA&F to expand our reach and message to Friends of the Corps.


To be the preeminent association and foundation for ALL Marines and friends of the Corps dedicated to development and recognition of professional excellence and expanding awareness of the rich traditions, history, and esprit of the United States Marine Corps.


The Marine Corps Association & Foundation is the preeminent professional organization for all Marines. Active duty, Reserve, retired and Marine veterans are all eligible for membership in the MCA&F.  The MCA&F understands and respects the achievements and sacrifices made by Marines and their families while serving this great nation.  Once a Marine, always a Marine!

The MCA&F will continue to meet the needs of our members in the technology-driven 21st century with an expanded web experience, online access to Leatherneck and Marine Corps Gazette and enhanced services and awards for Marines.

2015 MCA&F Annual Report (opens in pdf)

The Marine Corps Association & Foundation Awards Program

The Marine Corps Association & Foundation is committed to acknowledging the professional accomplishments of Marines and Sailors.  Your membership dollars make it possible for our morale-building award program to recognize outstanding achievements of active duty Marines and supporting Sailors serving globally.

MCA&F Events

MCA&F sponsors a range of events in direct support of our continuing mission. As a member of the MCA&F, you will receive discounted member pricing to attend select MCA&F hosted events such as the Retiree and Professional Luncheons, the MCA&F Ground Dinners, the MCA&F Ground Logistics award and MCA&F C4 Awards Dinner, Sea Services Forum and other symposia.  Retiree Luncheons and Ground Dinners have featured distinguished guests such as Gen Michael Hagee, Gen Tony Zinni, LtGen Buck Bedard, LtGen Jan Huly and author Joseph Galloway.

Professional Military Education

MCA&F PMEs feature prominent speakers and offer insights and perspectives on historical and current military topics.  PMEs are held at different locations, allowing MCA&F members nationwide the opportunity to attend these informative forums. 

Marine Corps Professional Reading Program

The MCA&F is the premier provider of all in-print books listed on the Marine Corps Professional Reading Program. The MCA&F has stores in two locations: The Marine Shop in Quantico, and MCA&F Bookstore in Camp Lejeune, as well as online at www.marineshop.net. The Marine Shop is the source for high-quality uniforms for all ranks and includes state of the art tailoring for all customers. Both  stores stock gifts, apparel and books spanning the spectrum of military history, operational art, global security issues and related topics. As a member of the MCA&F, you will have the opportunity to meet authors and purchase signed books at membership discount prices. All of our book signings and other special events are posted to our web site. MCA&F members also have the opportunity to call the toll-free at 888-237-7683 to order signed books in advance of a scheduled book signing.